What Is The Best Travel Suitcase? Trends In Travel Luggage

What Is The Best Travel Suitcase? Trends In Travel Luggage

Shopping for luggage can be daunting with all the different options around. We’ve looked at all the current trends and what’s new for this and next year to answer the question: What is the best travel suitcase?

When it comes to trends you have to keep in mind that you as a customer influence the current trends. Luggage manufacturers observe what is highly valued by travellers and what works and what doesn’t.

Ultimately those manufacturers will put more energy in creating more functional, longer lasting and better looking luggage at great prices which will again, make their customers, you, happy. This is great news for you, as the trends will show you what to look out for when buying your next luggage item.


What are the latest luggage trends?

From shiny to textured, glitter and floral; big wheels to scooters and ride-on suitcases; protective covers for your luggage in any design thinkable, to smart luggage and smart packing; all of this is trending currently and in the year to come.

Shiny Luggage Looks For The Win

This year seems to be the year of shininess (That’s a word, right?) as metallic colours are everywhere. It started with simple gold and silver, but this year it spread out into any colour, finish and design possible. Even softsided luggage is treated to shiny looks.

Although there are so many colours to choose from it is somewhat surprising to see that grey colours are trending in any shade possible.

New this year was something that might be trending next year – glitter. The logical next step from metallic shininess, there are already a few pretty options available now. Keep on the lookout for more to come in the glitter department.

What else might we see trending in the future? Some say floral prints might be the next big thing for luggage, aside from glitter, and there are some pretty examples to see in the online stores.

Textured Suitcases

This is not necessarily a new thing, but with improved molding technology, this is becoming more widely spread and textured luggage can be found nearly everywhere.

What does “textured” mean?

It means that the suitcase or luggage item doesn’t have a smooth surface, but rather a rough or raised feel and sometimes look to it. This texturing of luggage shells provides stronger material, which is more durable and more scratch resistant.

There are some pretty impressive and gorgeous looking designs around, such as luggage looking and feeling like it’s made of wood.

Have a look at the following video to see an example of a beautifully textured suitcase:

The Bigger The Better – Wheels

Luggage wheels have seen quite a big change over the years. Most luggage available these days is either 4-wheeled or sports even 8 wheels (4 times double wheels).

Those wheels are attached to the bottom of the suitcase and can be prone to break and fall off much easier than the original two wheeled suitcases, as those wheels were part of the case itself and much more stable and durable.

The newest thing is to go even bigger with wheels and make the luggage go smoothly over rough surface. Mostly 2-wheeled, these are great for carry-on and for going on European holidays, where cobbled streets are aplenty.

The idea behind the bigger wheels is simply that bigger wheels, such as in mountain bikes and 4-wheel drive cars and dirt bikes, will have more float over rough surfaces, meaning you won’t feel the impact as much and move more smoothly over it, without getting stuck on every tiny stone or unevenness.

The following video shows you what a big-wheeled carry-on bag, very highly in demand currently, looks like and how it works.

Scooters, Ride-On Suitcases And Robotics

You probably have seen the traditional ride-on suitcases for kids, such as Trunki, but this is not where it stops. You can get kids carry-ons which will easily convert into a kick-scooter for them to, well, scoot along.

But it doesn’t stop there either. Why should kids get all the fun?

Adults can join in and convert their carry-on into an electric stand-up scooter. Check out what’s available for scooter luggage bags.

If you don’t like the scooting option, there are also ride-on cases for adults, also electric and self-powered.

And if you just want luggage that’s independent from you, meaning you don’t have to lug it around ever, choose a robotic carry-on, which will respond to voice commands. Pretty neat, right?

Oh, the possibilities…

Smart Luggage

With all the new technology it’s not surprising that luggage now can come with all sorts of gadgets. From the beginnings where manufacturers were playing around with LCD screens and built-in WiFi it has now come to more practical ideas and solutions, such as power banks and USB chargers.

This makes sense for a lot of people, not only business travellers. How many times have you gone around an airport trying to find a power point to charge your phone, tablet or laptop? I know I have plenty of times.

Nowadays many bags come with USB ports which lead to integrated power banks. Many times you can get more than one USB port.

There are no limits to what kind of technology can be included to your luggage, from self-weighing options to robotic locks, Bluetooth audio and even speakerphone. The sky is the limit.

Smart Packing

Hate packing your suitcase for hours just to end up unpacking a complete mess although you put everything neatly into the bag? Well there are some solutions.

Shelving is a way of packing your closet into your suitcase. Mostly they work by hanging up the shelving pack and packing it the way you want it. Then you just lower it into your suitcase where it might be compacted and will be held in place so, upon your arrival, you can just pull out the tiered shelving again to retrieve your items again.

Take a look at one of the options available:


I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon.

Happy and safe travels!









14 Replies to “What Is The Best Travel Suitcase? Trends In Travel Luggage”

  1. Wow – I had no idea that luggage had gotten so “smart”. That last option you have there with the slide up shelves is really something. I just invested in some new luggage, but these are worth noting for a future purchase!

  2. Thanks for this detailed guide. I now know that I want a 2 wheel suitcase with really big wheels since they won’t break as easily as the 4 wheel suitcase. Plus I’ll be traveling over cobbled pathways a lot. Thanks for that info 🙂

  3. I never knew smart packing and shelving existed! Quite often we travel and waste time re-ironing clothes or pulling everything out just to find that one item we thought we misplaced.

    On a side note- I am partial to textured suitcases, as they tend to have a longer shelf life. I worked in an airport for years and saw first hand how many “shinny” suitcases got scraped, scratched, or dented at a higher rate than textured suitcases.

  4. Wow, your article got better and better with all the different options for suitcases to get your luggage where you need to go. Never thought about the scooter idea. I wonder more about the robotic option and how it works? I’m sure you would just have to power it up and use a remote control. I wasn’t able to watch the video but will try to get back to it later. 

  5. Suitcase have come a long way from the day when we had to do up the two clips that always wore out or bent when we would put in too much luggage and try and force the suitcase shut.

    The suitcases today are so durable but still light weight and even better since so many have wheels.  I guess its like anything else.  Things get better with technology and time.

  6. Wow, I love traveling always, I love the big wheels and rising shelf design

    I always think dragging my bag why don’t they make the wheel a bit bigger to go over steps smoothly, I just hate it when the bag loses balance and twists my arm! this big wheel bag certainly much more comfortable.

    Also most of my travel is 1-2 nights I always keep my clothes in the bag, I guess I’m lazy, the rising shelf design is awesome, I don’t have to take my things out of my bag and put them bag every time!

    Thank you for sharing these ideas, definitely, will consider in my next luggage investment ​

    1. I’m glad you find this useful. Yes, I’m forever dragging my luggage around too and it’s getting stuck way too often, so I love those big wheels too.

  7. wow, smart everything; even suit cases, now isn’t that awesome, travel like a boss no need for all the stress attached to packing and carrying suit cases while traveling

    It is also very correct to say textured suit cases last longer than the shiny ones .Experience has shown this to be true

    lastly, i hope the smart suit cases does not cost a killing , would like to own one someday

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