The Cutest Disney Suitcase – Celebrating Mickey’s 90th Birthday

The Cutest Disney Suitcase – Celebrating Mickey’s 90th Birthday

What comes to mind when you think Disney Suitcase? Yes, you’re right! Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck and of course Disney Princesses! And the good news is that there are bigger sizes available so you don’t have to miss out on the cute luggage. And of course there are plenty of options for kids.

We’ll start with the classics, Mickey, Minnie and Donald. We also found some cute vintage looking luggage we had to share with you! Enjoy.

Going to Disneyland soon? Choose one of the following suitcases to get into the right mood already. Cuteness-Alarm! 

I know there’s a lot of information coming up, so take your time, get a cup of tea or coffee and just enjoy scrolling through these oh so cute options. You can click on the image to get more information and find out the price.


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Mickey Mouse Luggage

Mickey Mouse Pants – Hardside Spinner 28inch

–>>Click on image to check price and see other design options<<–

American Tourister Disney Hardside Spinner 28″

If you’ve read my post about Star Wars luggage, you’ll already know that American Tourister are really good at making great-looking luggage that holds what it promises. Their suitcases not only look great, they fit a lot of items and are durable. All you need for a great holiday.

  • made by American Tourister
  • Reviews show great results by customers who bought this item – and lots did buy this one
  • 4.5 stars reviews
  • Comes in two sizes, 21″ carry on and 28″ checked luggage
  • 28inch (featured) size: 28 x 19.8 x 12 (as this is a spinner, the wheels might not be included in the measurements)
  • Hard side
  • Made of 100% ABS plastic (what does this mean?)
  • Textured for extra durability, anti scratch
  • Imported
  • Spinner wheels, 4 x single wheel
  • American Tourister branded ID tag and pull handle
  • Split or shell construction
  • Large mesh pocket on inside
  • Cross straps to hold luggage in place
  • Disney branded inner lining
  • Very good quality zips, very durable

There are also four other designs available (price varies)

These are:

  • Mickey and Minnie Romance
  • Minnie Lux Dots
  • Minnie Mouse Red Bow
  • And Snow White

The Choice is yours!

Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends Comic Strip Luggage – 26 Inch Hardside

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

  • This suitcase is an original Disney product and as it states this means it is genuine, original and authentic.
  • It features parts of 1930s comic strips with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofey and Pluto.
  • So far this suitcase only has one review, which states that is indeed a great product.
  • The price tag attached is quite a bit more than you’d pay for an American Tourister suitcase.
  • I’d say this is the kind of suitcase if you are a die-hard fan of Disney and especially Mickey and friends.
  • This piece of luggage will be sure to attract many looks and other people (apart from yourself) might try to read the comics.
  • Hard sided
  • Textured
  • Telescope handle
  • 4 in-line wheels
  • 28 x 18.5 x 10 inches

There is only one left to purchase as I’m writing this review. This is sure to be a collector’s item. (Will you use it for travel?)

Mickey Mouse Multi Face – 28inch Softside

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

At the time of writing this review, price has been slashed by $40! 

American Tourister Disney Softside Spinner 28″

Another great piece of luggage made by American Tourister.

  • 100% Polyester, which is a softside material
  • Imported
  • 4 x single spinner wheels
  • Zippers, ID tag and pull handle lock American tourister branded
  • Inner lining printed in Mickey Mouse style
  • Large interior mesh pocket
  • Cross straps to secure items
  • Inner size: 28 x 19 x 11
  • Outer size (including wheels and handles): 31 x 19 x 11
  • This suitcase can fit in A LOT, so be careful to weigh before departure
  • Customer tip to use scotch guard against dirt and to waterproof
  • Customer reviews 5 full stars
  • Durable, lasts
  • Comes in 3 other designs, price varies – Mickey Mouse pants, Minnie Mouse Red Bow and Minnie Mouse Polka Dot

Disney Vintage Mickey Oversized Canvas Casual Travel Tote Luggage Duffel Bag

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

  • Vegan Leather(100% Polyester), soft material
  • Zipper closure – 2 zippers on top opening
  • Carry with top handles or
  • over shoulder using the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap Max. 47in/120cm
  • Carrying handles made of top grain leather and brass hardware
  • Size: (W) 50CM / 19.7IN (L) 20CM / 7.9IN (H) 30CM / 11.8IN
  • Four exterior pockets (2 with zips) and three interior pockets
  • Inner lining in Mickey Mouse print with faux leather trimming detail
  • Washing Instructions: Wipe with moist cloth ONLY

Customer reviews: Love the bag, great quality, good size, perfect for overnight or weekend away (to Disneyland?)

Speaking of vintage, here’s a lovely vintage Mickey Mouse cartoon from 1936. Enjoy!

Did you enjoy this just as much as I did? You can get the DVD set here:

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

But now, back to luggage:

Disney Boys’ Mickey 3 Pc Luggage Set, Blue 

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

The most affordable, cute, little luggage set you can get for your children.

3 piece set consisting of:

  • Softside roller carry on – easy to roll and stand up
  • Utility case for tablet or accessories or toiletries, zipper closure
  • Mickey Mouse luggage tag
  • Carry on pilot case size: 14 x 11.75 x 6
  • Handle retractable
  • Will fit in any overhead compartment
  • Perfect for overnight stays and weekend trips or just to keep toys in
  • Great reviews for this 3 piece set

Minnie Mouse Luggage

Minnie Mouse Red Bow – Hardside 21inch

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

American Tourister Harside 21 inch, also available in 28 inch

  • 100% Abs Plastic, hardside
  • Textured
  • Imported
  • 4 x single spinner wheels
  • Disney and American Tourister branded
  • Shell opening with large mesh pocket on inside and cross straps to secure luggage
  • Inner lining with fun printed Minnie and xoxoxo
  • 20 x 13.3 x 9 (this might not include wheels and handles)
  • 10 year warranty
  • Designed for recreational traveler (3-5 uses a year)

Customer reviews are mostly great, with an overall 4.8 rating

Also available in 28 inch (see above under Mickey Mouse Luggage) and in 4 other designs:

  • Minnie Lux Dots
  • Mickey Mouse Pants
  • Mickey and Minnie Romance
  • Snow White

Minnie Mouse Polka Dot – Softside Set

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

American Tourister Disney Softside Spinner

2 piece Luggage set – 21 inch carry on and 28 inch checked suitcase plus Travel Pillow

(This is also available as a 2 piece set without the travel pillow.)

  • 100% Polyester
  • Inner lining fabric – fun print
  • Zipper Closure
  • Inner mesh pocket with zip and cross straps to secure things
  • Zips, ID tag and pull handle American Tourister branded
  • Size: Carry on 21-Inch: 21 x 14.8 x 8, Checked 28-Inch: 28 x 19 x 11
  • 21 inch can be taken on board for most flights – check with airline

Expandable – be sure to check weight before departure to avoid having to pay fees

Great reviews of 5 stars except one unlucky customer who only received one item in his order.

Disney Store Minnie Mouse Hard Shell Rolling Luggage Case/Carry-On Suitcase

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

Disney Interactive Studios – Hard side Spinner – Carry on

  • Carry on size for weekend or short trip
  • Perfect size for kids – when not traveling use for play and keep toys in
  • 4 spinner wheels – 360 degree
  • Easy to roll and pull
  • Pull Handle extractable
  • Very Sturdy

Only two lucky customers bought this cute little piece of luggage (and absolutely adore it), and only two are available for sale as I’m writing this review. For the Disney and Minnie Mouse lover.

Donald Duck Luggage

Donald Pants – Hardside 20inch

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

American Tourister Disney 20″ Spinner Donald Pants

  • Hardside 20 inch carry on
  • Textured for better durability, scratch resistant
  • Weight: 6.1 pounds
  • Size: 20 x 13.25 x 9 inches (without wheels and handles)
  • Overall size: 23 x 13.25 x 9 inches (including wheels and handles)
  • 4 single spinner wheels, 360 degree
  • Split construction, opens in middle
  • One side has large mesh pocket with zip
  • The other side has cross straps
  • Inner lining fun Disney inspired print
  • Expandable by 1.5 inches

Just another great suitcase made by American Tourister. Not many left of this design!

Multicolour Donald Duck

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

American Tourister – Disney Wavebreaker

Hardside Spinner 55 cm, 36 liters – 21 inch carry on luggage

International product from outside the United States (ships from Amazon Global Store UK)

  • TSA approved lock – Fixed 3-digit
  • Cross straps on inside and zipped mesh pocket on other side, plus apron pocket for easy, safe and secure storing
  • Cute Donald Duck print
  • Textured (dotted) surface protects the suitcase against scratches
  • Carry on luggage – approved for Ryanair (max size of 55 x 40 x 20 cm), Easyjet and British Airways (max size 56 x 45 x 25 cm)
  • Travel in Disney Style

Disney Princess Luggage

American Tourister Disney Princess 18″ Upright Softside

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

  • Perfect size for a few days away (Disneyland!)
  • Easy to pull – in-line skate wheels make for easy moving around
  • Material very sturdy – printed polyester w. vinyl front
  • Colours are beautiful
  • Handle and wheels maneuver very easily and are robust
  • Handle right height for kids
  • Large mesh pocket on interior panel
  • Fully lined interior, cross straps to hold garments
  • Size 18 x 12 x 7 perfect for carry on
  • Lightweight

Very popular soft sided carry on bag for kids.

Also available as a hard sided roller:

American Tourister Disney Princess 18″ Upright Hardside

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

Very much the same as the soft sided version, material is ABS/PC shell with beautifully printed inner lining. Opens like shell, mesh pocket one side, cross straps the other. Size 18 x 13 x 8, perfect for carry on.

Disney Girls’ Princess 3 Pc Luggage Set, Pink

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

Yes, you have read this correctly, this one comes as a luggage set, consisting of three pieces:

Carry on suitcase, toiletry or accessories bag and a luggage tag to match.

  • Easy to roll, even for the little kids
  • Durable quality, softsided
  • Carry on size: 14 x 11.75 x 6 inch
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for a short trip or weekend away
  • Lots of great reviews, just be aware it’s softsided, so not padded

Disney Frozen Luggage

American Tourister Disney Frozen 18″ Upright Softside

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

  • Another American Tourister suitcase
  • Softsided, durable polyester, printed allover, with vinyl front
  • Two wheeled, side mounted In-line skate, makes for easy mobility, even for the little ones
  • Easy telescoping pull handle, right height for kids
  • Top grab handle for easy lifting
  • Cross strap and large mesh pocket on interior panel to hold items in place
  • Interior fully lined
  • 18 x 12 x 7, perfect size for carry on
  • Outside pocket with zipper

This one is also available in two other designs, but with pretty much exactly the same descriptions:

Click on the image and have a look through all the other desings including Finding Dory and Cars. Just so much cuteness to choose from!

And if you’d prefer the little suitcase just a little sturdier, here is the hard sided version for it:

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

  • Hardsided carry on suitcase made of lightweight and durable ABS/PC shell
  • Two side mounted skate wheels – easy mobility
  • Wheels are quiet and 360 degree
  • Easy dual tube pull handle, right height for kids
  • Top grab handle, easy to lift with
  • Fully lined interior with fun printing
  • Cross straps on one side, zip around divider on other side
  • Plenty of room for a short break or even for a couple of weeks
  • 10 year warranty from American Tourister
  • 18 x 13 x 8 inches
  • So many great reviews for this luggage – again!

This one is also available in some other cute designs including Cars and Mickey Mouse.

And I know you now want to listen to this song, so here it is:

Rent or buy the movie here:

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

There are so many more great designs and options available, but we can’t possibly cover them all. That’s why we focused on choosing the most popular luggage with the best reviews, which will give you the best quality for your money.

I hope you like this review on Disney luggage and I also hope I haven’t given you too hard of a time choosing the right one for your kid. I think whichever one you pick, you’ll be in the good books with your children.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions or comments, just leave them below.

Happy and safe travels!

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24 Replies to “The Cutest Disney Suitcase – Celebrating Mickey’s 90th Birthday”

  1. Yes you are correct as soon as I read the title I thought the suitcases are going to be girly or kiddish. But after I took a look it was totally opposite of what I thought. They look really classy and beautiful and they can be used by anyone. These are not just for kids for sure. 

    Looking at the price it is perfect. It is not too expensive. The one question I have is do these really last long? After I know about that I’m sure I’m going to try using one of them. Thank you for the article.

  2. I really love that disney is not just for kids, this is awesome.  I do not travel much but I do really like all of the luggage on your website.  

    My daughter is 17years old and she travels a bit and she would still love the one with all the disney princessess on them, and the frozen ones.  

    I think that all of these are so cute, I will always love disney no matter how old I get. Great ideas for Christmas!

  3. My favorites are the Mickey pants, the comic strip with Mickey and Friends and the Multicolor Donald Duck. I don’t even have kids and I’d still buy those for myself. I live close to Disney World in Orlando, Florida and I’m a annual ticket holder there, so walking into the resorts with those just seems appropriate. That 3 piece boys set is also adorable.

    1. I am jealous!! I live really far away from any Disney park. Lucky you! And an annual ticket holder too! Well, these luggage suggestions will come in handy for you 🙂

  4. These are such nice luggage bags, creative and allow even adults a piece of fantasy land. 

    The Donald Pants are super cute, I think my husband will like it too. My daughter must have one of the Frozen ones. And my own favourite is the Vintage Mickey oversized canvas duffel bag. 

  5. Oh these are really cute! You’ve done a great job of summarising the details so I just have to pick the one I like without having to investigate each one. You have inspired me to go shopping! And then to go travelling!  I will check out the Stars Wars ones too as my family is obsessed with Star Wars! Thanks!

  6. Wow! It is a complete review of luggage with Disney motives, I liked all, it is difficult to select just one. I think I will select one for me 😉

    I enjoyed your videos, for sure I am a fan of Disney films, I’m still a child on the inside. All the films have a great background music, I love that music. That song in Frozen “Let it go” is spectacular! I will have to go and watch the movie now I think. 

    Thank you for sharing  😊

  7. Most of these are not only for kids and are in fact very stylish indeed! 

    I absolutely adore the mini mouse polka dot set! SO cute, yet elegant 😀 

    And the Disney Store Minnie Mouse Hard Shell Rolling Luggage ? To die for! 

    I have bookmarked this page. This will be the first place I visit should I ever need travel suitcases! 

  8. Ohhh those are just precious!

    I have a niece whose birthday is coming up and I was wondering what kind of gift I should get her. She is crazy about Minnie Mouse so I got my eye on the Disney Store Minnie Mouse Hard Shell Rolling Luggage Case/Carry-On Suitcase.

    Going online to put order now 🙂

    Thank you very much!

  9. Awesome. I was in Disneyland 3 years ago and I plan to go for the new year with my kids. I am a big fan of Disney and my kids enjoy being there so much. I must say that I like all those luggage and I must buy two for my son and girl. Donald Duck luggage is my favorite one.

  10. Oh my goodness, I love the very first one. It is so adorable! I like that it comes in a couple different sizes. I think I would like the carry on size because then it would be the perfect size for my four-year-old-Mickey-loving-son to manage. I’ll be bookmarking this for when we do our Disney vacation, which i’m hoping with be in another year or so, maybe year and a half.

  11. Such a big offer of beautiful children’s travel suitcases so is that it’s hard to choose. I liked American Tourister Kid Hardside 18 “Upright, Disney Cars as far as I understand it can be used as hand baggage for Ryanair flights. My question is, can it be placed under the seat, so it doesn’t have to be put in the top luggage compartment?  And more, can a mid-sized, seven-year-old child sit on it if it is in a horizontal position? 

    1. Very hard choice indeed, and not only for kids! I don’t think it would quite fit under the seat and although the suitcases are made to be durable, these ones are not meant to be sat on. 

  12. Hi! Your site is so much fun to read. I have clicked through it and there are is so much cool stuff you present here that I can’t stop visiting it.

    I immediately thought of my nephew and niece when I started looking at these Disney suit cases. But as you have also stated, they aren’t only for kids. The one I liked the most is the one of Mickey Mouse Pants! Super cool!

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