Star Wars Luggage – May The Perfect Luggage Be With You

Star Wars Luggage – May The Perfect Luggage Be With You

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of the original trilogy or the prequel or the spin-offs, these pieces of Star Wars Luggage will definitely become a favourite part of your Star Wars collection.

We have picked the nicest Star Wars themed luggage we could find in our favourite online store and collected them all conveniently in one post so you don’t have to keep looking around. We hope you like them as much as we do. 


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But… Where to start? There are so many great and loved characters, that it’s really hard to pick which one to begin with. So we looked at the most bought and highest rating from customers and voila, it’s R2 D2 we start with.

If you don’t want to read the whole review, just click on the image to get straight to your favourite Star Wars character luggage.

This review features mostly American Tourister luggage, which we have found to be well-loved and high-ranked by customers, without reporting any problems whatsoever. They only ever caution to not overload the expandable versions to avoid having to pay for it. This review also features one very different piece of Star Wars luggage.

R2-D2 – Hard Side Spinner Carry On

R2-D2 carry on

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

Our well-loved little robot had its first appearance in 1977 and has been around ever since.

American Tourister has come up with a brilliant suitcase, which only got the highest rating from customers.

Due to its textured material, it looks 3D, so when moving around, it looks like you’re pulling R2-D2 behind you! Customers have reported to hugging the suitcase when it arrived and feeling like a happy child once again. 🙂

It comes in 21 inch, perfect for most carry on and fitting in most overhead compartments and 28 inch, checked luggage for the longer trip.

  • Hard case design, textured polycarbonate material, durable and scratch resistant
  • Four single spinner wheels in blue, 360 degree movement
  • Zipper pulls and telescope handle are Star Wars branded
  • Split opening (shell opening), cross straps to keep items in place and large mesh pocket on inside
  • Size is 21 x 14.75 x 9.5 inches (spinner suitcases usually don’t measure wheels, which might mean that it might not fit in all overhead compartments, most customers report though that this wasn’t a problem on international flights)
  • Weight: 6.88 lbs
  • Perfect carry on size and perfect for kids luggage
  • Does NOT light up or beep, but looks very cute indeed.
  • Print is on back and front of suitcase.
  • Goes well with C-3PO.

Star Wars have brought out an R2-D2 luggage as well, but the American Tourister one looks much better (just like the real thing), has been sold many, many more times with very happy customers, and, offers a much better price.

Darth Vader – Hard Side Checked Luggage, Expandable

Darth Vader 28 inch

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

Darth Vader, who we now know to be Anakin Skywalker before he turns to the dark side, is another one of the most liked characters of Star Wars. Nice to know that he tried to redeem himself by saving his son, Luke Skywalker.

Of course you all know the most famous quote of his: Luke, I am your father. But… He really said: No, I am your father. See for yourself:

Anyway, back to the luggage:

Also by American Tourister, it is very much the same description as the R2-D2 21 inch, except for the bigger size and the fact that it’s expandable by up to 2 inches through a zip.

  • Size without wheels: 28.0 x 20.75 x 13.0 inches
  • Size including wheels: 31.0 x 20.75 x 13.0 inches
  • Weight: 11.02lbs
  • Hard case, textured material, durable and resistant to scratches
  • Spinner wheels, four times single
  • Expandable telescope handle, branded with Star Wars symbol (zippers are also)
  • Shell opening with cross strap to secure items.
  • Inside mesh pocket with zip
  • Checked luggage size
  • Also comes in 21 inch carry on sized luggage
  • Printed on both sides.
  • Goes well with Stormtrooper.

Chewbacca – 28 Inch Hard Side, Expandable

Chewbacca Hardside Spinner

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

Chewbacca, or Chewie to his friends, is our beloved Wookiee warrior and loyal friend of Han Solo with the uncanny guttural sound he makes to communicate.

Another one in the American Tourister Star Wars series, this 28 inch suitcase also comes in 21 inch carry on size. The back of this suitcase also has the Rebel Alliance symbol of the starbird.

I’ll quickly tell you all the details, but if you’ve read through the above ones, you already know them.

  • Hard side, textured durable material
  • Available in two sizes, 21 inch carry on and expandable 28 inch as shown
  • Four spinner wheels
  • Telescope handle, branded with “Chewbacca”
  • Shell opening, inside material reads Star Wars in white letters on brown background
  • Mesh pockets with zips and cross straps to safely secure items
  • Front as shown, back also has Rebel Alliance symbol (starbird) embedded
  • 28 inch has a lot of room, expandable by 2 inches, beware of overfilling and going over the weight limit!

Stormtrooper – 21 Inch Carry On

Storm Trooper Carry on

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

Stormtroopers, also known as bucketheads due to their bucket-like helmets, were the faceless policing troop of the Galactic Empire comandeered by Darth Vader. Did you know that there were many different kinds of stormtroopers, such as Death Troopers and many other specialised troopers?

Another of American Tourister’s Star Wars suitcases, this one also comes in two sizes, 21inch and 28inch.

  • This one has the Galactic Empire symbol on the back, and the storm trooper helmet on the front as shown.
  • Also a hardside textured suitcase, which makes it durable and water repellant.
  • A great carry on sized suitcase for all ages.
  • Just remember, that spinner luggage such as this might count the wheels into the sizing, so the actual size might just be 20 inch. Will fit into overhead compartment.
  • Star Wars branding with removable luggage tag.
  • Fully lined interior with Star Wars in white on grey.
  • Goes well with Darth Vader.

C-3PO – Checked Luggage, 28 inch

C-3PO Hardside Spinner

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

Built by Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO is a droid which was programmed for protocol and etiquette, and was nearly always seen together with R2-D2. Apparently he can communicate in 7 million different forms.

  • American Tourister Star Wars series, also available in two sizes
  • Brightly coloured, will definitely stand out
  • Hard sided, textured, durable, scratch resistant
  • Rebel Alliance symbol on back, front as shown
  • C-3PO branding on expandable telescope handle
  • 4 single spinner wheels in yellow
  • Inner lining with Star Wars branding
  • Mesh pocket with zips, cross straps in yellow
  • Goes well with R2-D2

BB-8 – Carry On Luggage 21 Inch

BB-8 Spinner

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

This cute little droid made its first appearance in 2015 in The Force Awakens. It is known as the “Swiss Army knife” that shouldn’t be trusted.

  • Comes in two sizes as do the other ones above, 21 and 28 inch
  • Fully lined interior in orange with white writing “Star Wars”
  • Four single 360 degree spinner wheels, Star Wars branding
  • American Tourister Branding ID Tag
  • Shell opening
  • 21×14.5×9.5 inches
  • Expandable – be careful not to go over the recommended size/weight of your airline
  • Great for all ages

This concludes our American Tourister Star Wars luggage review. All of them were rated very highly by verified customers.

Last but not least we want to show you this:

Death Star Rolling Luggage

Death Star Rolling Luggage

–>>Click on image to check price<<–

  • Size: 18” H x 16” W x 6 1/2” D
  • Perfect for kids or overnight stay
  • Handle extends to 27” H
  • Disney – Genuine, Original, Authentic
  • Death Star screen art and shape
  • Star Wars writing on side
  • Durable molded casing with double-zip closure
  • Telescopic handle mechanism
  • Fully lined
  • Two single wheels plus two stabilisers
  • Another unique travel item that will make you stand out in the crowd

Have a look what else is available for Star Wars luggage and travel gear, such as luggage tags, backpacks and more. 

(Unfortunately we weren’t able to find any decent luggage with Yoda on it.)

I hope you enjoyed this luggage review as much as I have. This certainly was a bit more fun than the usual “normal” luggage. My personal favourite is definitely R2D2, followed closely by Chewbacca.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m feeling a Star Wars marathon coming on.

Happy and safe travels, and may the force be with you! (I had to say it, didn’t I?!)

Bags And Suitcases is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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34 Replies to “Star Wars Luggage – May The Perfect Luggage Be With You”

  1. Thank you for the recommendations. I love the choices here and so will my boys, I am looking for new luggage bags and these sound perfect. You have just make luggage shopping so much easier for me. thank you so much for your excellent post.

  2. What a terrific idea Star Wars luggage is! I’m loving the R2-D2, it looks so realistic! Need to get one and pass this on. Big Fan!

  3. So, I got onto this page and now I can’t get off.. My 6yo is just scrolling up and down, up and down… We are already choosing his Christmas present. Love this page.

  4. These are amazing! What a fabulous idea and thank you for writing this post.

    I think my kids would love these and would definitely get their monies worth from using these.

    They are all great but I particularly like the Chewbacca case. the deal in this one just stands out to me.

    The Death Star is good as well but does it hold as much as the others as it looks smaller?

    1. They certainly are amazing! And no, you’re right, the Death Star case is smaller than the carry on. The measurements are 18x16x6 1/1 inches. So perfect for an overnight bag. 

  5. Thanks for this cool review of Star Wars luggage. I am really impressed by some of the pieces you have on offer. I’m a big Star Wars fan and think that I will have to buy some of these for sure. The question is now, which one to choose? I’m kind of divided between R2-D2 and Darth Vader…

  6. It is amazing what we can produce nowadays, because of the humble computer, Star Wars movies and now luggage!

    The best design, in my opinion, is NOT R2D2, rather it is Darth Vader but I will admit that R2D2 is exceptional in its presentation.

    The snippet you provided of the Star Wars “I am your father” scene would be just perfect if it ran for another few minutes (or perhaps to the end).

    Oh, back to the luggage. At least it wouln’t be too hard to find your luggage as it comes off the plane, for a while anyway. I am sure that there will be millions of these sold.

    Get in quick, I reckon.

    1. I reckon all of the designs are pretty great, but I suppose we all have our favourites. I like Darth Vader too, but for me it’s definitely R2-D2. 

      I should’ve just put up the whole movie, right? 🙂 I got drawn into it too…

      Yes, there will be lots sold. Not sure about millions, but Star Wars really is timeless 🙂

  7. Interesting idea. I think it will add more adventure to my solo trips. These luggages seem to have a great quality while they are not typical and they have creative Star Wars designs. I like Stormtrooper the most. I was checking the price on Amazon and it seems a bit more expensive than the other versions but with the 33% discount I think it well worth it. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Definitely well worth it! All of them have such great designs and have been reviewed very highly. You can’t go wrong with either of them. And yes, use the discount! 

  8. I am a big star wars fan and travel alot. I would definitely like to have atleat one star war luggage and all the luggages you have listed here just stolen my heart. But the one that I liked most is “Stormtrooper”. Thanks for sharing these luggages, I cannot wait more to have it.

    1. You are very welcome. The opinions are definitely divided on the favourites. At least the suitcases are all of equal quality, so you can really just pick and choose. 

  9. It just never seems to get old, lol this star wars luggage display is something else:) I can see myself using an r2d2 luggage carrier just for collecting the groceries it so cool. But really if there was a princess Leah I would take her everywhere.

    May The Force Be With YOU! Great Info Thanks.

    1. I know, right! I’d be very tempted to take it everywhere, too. Unfortunately there is no Princess Leah. Not in luggage anyway… 

      I think the force is great in this one… 

  10. I am definitely going to buy one of these luggage, My brother is a huge Star Wars fan and he travels a lot so this will definitely be a great upcoming Christmas present. I’m especially interested in the Death Star Rolling Luggage, it looks pretty unique and will definitely get people chatting you up about it. The only concern is the shape of the luggage, I’ve never seen a circular luggage before, do you think that particular shape would become problematic?

    1. The Death Star is a small carry on size, so no, it won’t be a problem. It’s big enough for an overnight stay. So if your brother travels a lot, maybe get him something bigger. 

  11. Well, I am a huge Star Wars fan and so are my kids.  With Christmas just around the corner, I have been looking for Star Wars themed gear for my kids.  Personally I love the Chewbacca suitcase, and I know my son will love the Death Star roller.  I love the fact that these have wheels, which makes it so much easier, especially for the kids.  Do you know if these will pass the carryon luggage test?  What a great way to have a fun way to travel, I am sure these will be conversation starters in the airport!  Thanks for sharing this awesome review.

    1. Well, the Death Star roller is a small carry on, holding enough for an overnight stay or perfect for kids luggage, so it won’t be a problem at all. The Chewbacca one comes in two sizes, 28 and 21 inches. The 21 inch one shouldn’t be a problem with most airlines. 

  12. Hello.

    Omg, those Star Wars bags are all awesome. I’m a huge fan and really don’t know which one to take!Do you know if there are other models? Maybe some more that display Sith Lords? Not only Vader? I really love Darth Maul. Would be awesome to have a bag from him.Thanks for the inspiration. I really NEED a Star Wars Bag now! :DCheers


  13. Are you kidding me?  My daughter is taking my grandchildren on a trip, and so I was looking at luggage for them.  I cannot believe what I am seeing.  My grandson is a star wars NUT!  He loves that silly stuff, so I am so blessed that I came upon your site in my search today and saw these!   I am grabbing him an R2-D2 because that’s his favorite character – he even does an impression, it’s adorable.

    Thanks so much for highlighting these bags.  I am super psyched.

    1. Not kidding! 🙂 I’m happy you found the right thing at the right time. These are such a good buy, you will make your grandson very happy. Wish I could see the impression of R2-D2. 

  14. Yes I enjoyed it, I love all of the Star Wars characters. all of them are really great, but my favorite is the Death Star Rolling, it looks so cute and funny, but not big enough for traveling, maybe for a night or two days. For traveling I prefer the Chewbacca one. It looks beautiful and a little expensive 😉 don’t you think?

  15. Hi! I found your site searching for the Checked 26″ Samsonite Cruisair luggage and scrolling around your other posts have found this one.

    I must say wow! I’m really impressed with all the designs you have here. I like them all! But if I would have to choose just one I would pick the R2-D2. Thank you very much for this post!

  16. Awe, so cute! A group or family of seven could each get one of each and go to the airport together! What attention they’d get lol! That darth vader keychain in your picture is so awesome! Do you have a post for star wars keychains? Kind of going off topic, but not really, I heard the dude who play chewbacca died today! 🙁

  17. Hi Petra,

    It’s amazing what a good site can do, after browsing your website I know where i’ll be getting my luggage from going forward.

    Who doesn’t like star wars? The plus side your luggage will be easy to spot when you are collecting it from the departure lounge. I’m all for it. 

    1. Yes, they’re definitely going to stand out and you’ll get compliments from other travelers for sure!

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