Best Large Wheeled Luggage – Bigger Wheels For Smooth Travel

Best Large Wheeled Luggage – Bigger Wheels For Smooth Travel

The bigger the wheels the better; this seems to be the case when looking for luggage which will easily roll over rough surface. We’ve searched the net for the best large wheeled luggage that is available right now.

It was one of the big things at the International Travel Goods Show 2018 and continues to be a big hit – big wheels on suitcases for easy travel.


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Reinventing The Wheel

We’ve seen a lot of change in wheels for suitcases in the past. First there were only 2-wheeled suitcases available, then all of a sudden, 4-wheeled suitcases came around and promised a much better experience when getting from A to B in the airport.

These were then even doubled for more durability and stability. But the 4 or 8-wheelers were having some problems with rougher terrain.

As those wheels are mostly attached to the bottom of the suitcase (whereas two-wheeled luggage have the wheels integrated in the outer shell, making them much more stable and durable still), they many times broke off when faced with bumps or just jerkily changed the direction you were walking.

Rough surface was and is easier to get through with two wheels.

Two big wheels to pull your luggage along without getting stuck anywhere. European cobbled streets, here we come!

Why You Should Choose Large Wheeled Luggage

The idea for the big wheels stems from the big wheels used in mountain bikes, 4-wheel drive cars and dirt bikes, pretty much any vehicle that’s designed to go over rough terrain smoothly.

Bigger wheels kind of float over rough or uneven surfaces, which means you’ll have a much easier and smoother journey without bumping over everything or getting stuck somewhere.

Following, we’ll show you some big-wheeled suitcases which are sure to impress you.

Introducing the G Ro

G-Ro (which stands for GravityRoll Wheel Technology) was started with the idea to make luggage that would be easy to maneuver over any kind of surface, and basically lets you go anywhere.

Not only did they want to make a maneuverable piece of luggage, but they also put a lot of thought into making the whole of the journey smoother by adding packing space and ergonomics as well as conveniences such as removable smart features (more about them later) and TSA locks.

G-Ro is made of the highest quality fabrics and materials; they state that every element of their design exists because of a fundamental element of architecture, that means, no form without function and vice versa.

The campaign on the Kickstarter crowdfunding page was one of the most successful ever with $4million sales pledged.

Today G-Ro continues to innovate and earn and win awards. We’ll introduce you to the G-Ro Carry-on Classic Luggage.

Have a look for yourself:

G-RO Carry-on Luggage

22-inch International Cabin Size, USB Charging (FAA Compliant), Luggage Tracker

This bag offers so much that you might wonder what it doesn’t offer.

–>>Click on image to check price and get more information

This bag is truly one of a kind. I probably don’t have to tell you much more if you’ve watched the video above, but here are the main points:

  • GravityRoll™ wheels – making the bag go easy over all terrain – cobbled streets, steps, curbs, grass and even snow
  • The wheels are guaranteed for life
  • Size: 22 x 14 x 9 inches – fits in most overhead spaces
  • Telescope handle is adjustable
  • TSA locks
  • Garment expansion sleeve
  • Additional bags can be added on top with a luggage strap
  • External pockets – pack laptop, tablet, passport etc
  • Removable power bank (optional)
  • Dual USB ports
  • Luggage tracker (Bluetooth)
  • 9.3 lbs / 4.2 kg
  • Ideal for short trip of up to a week
  • Available in Black/Black, Black/Red and Black/Gold

Please be aware that, with any two-wheeled luggage, you have to pack evenly to prevent the bag from falling over. Start with putting the heavier items towards the bottom and back of the case.

Also, be aware that if you overfill the external pockets you might go over the permitted carry on size and will have to repack.

These were the main concerns of customers who bought this bag.

If you haven’t watched the video above, do yourself a favour to be truly impressed. Not only is this bag gorgeously designed, but so functional!

Also available from G-Ro:

G-RO Check in Classic Luggage

->>Currently unavailable. I will let you know when it’s back!

With the same great wheels the carry-on G-Ro offers, but way more room!

Easy roll with the GravityRoll design wheels that make navigating your way through the airport, cities and over bumpy terrains smooth and enjoyable.

You get a lot of packing room with this expandable duffle bag. 80 liters to 90 liters will fit any additional souvenir you might need to buy.

Easy access pockets and a dedicated shoe compartment give you every packing room you need.

Made of ultra-durable ballistic nylon and featuring the same great materials for zippers and wheels like its carry-on sibling, this might even be the perfect addition to the G-Ro carry-on!

If you don’t have the G-Ro carry-on, don’t worry, as you can easily attach other bags to the check-in G-Ro, using its attached strap.

You better be quick though, as there are not many left of this great check-in bag!

Another great addition from G-Ro for the business traveler:

G-RO Multitasker Office Classic Luggage

->>Currently unavailable. I will let you know when it’s back!

This bag can be used as a carry-on for the busy traveler who has to commute to and fro on a daily basis. It will fit in the overhead but also under the seat when flying.

It is also great as a weekender bag. It is really versatile and offers plenty of storage room and lots of different compartments for easy organising.

It offers the same great features as its bigger siblings such as the big sturdy wheels and ultra-durable and water-resistant lightweight material.

The G-Ro Multitasker has an adjustable telescope handle and carry handle on top. It comes in black with either silver or arctic blue wheels. It will definitely stand out from the crowd!

Now I have told you everything about the G-Ro, I’ll have to show you another bag that is worth having a closer look at:

eBags 21 Inch Wheeled Duffel Bag Carry-On 

This bag has many great features, but also has the big wheels and is a bit more affordable than the G-Ro.

->>Click on image to check price and get more information

Great size for a weekend away or an overnight trip. This carry-on duffle bag is made from strong and durable twisted poly fabric, it has easy-roll wheels that are bigger than your average wheels and should help with an easier maneuvering around the place.

There is lots of storage room in the main compartment and if it’s not enough you can expand it by 1.5″ using a zip. This duffel bag also offers 3 internal mesh pockets and 2 exterior zip pockets.

The size is 9 x 21.5 x 15 inches, which makes it a perfect size for the overhead on a flight. It weighs 8.7lbs which is not exactly lightweight, but there are heavier designs out there.

Part of the weight comes from the 2 removable fiberglass rods which are there for extra stability and to prevent the bag from falling over.

These rods are not necessarily needed and can be a bit of a pain to put in and other customers have commented on this, but you can just pack differently for added stability.

Just pack the heavy items in the bottom and the lighter things on top and leave the rods out.

The bag also comes with a locking telescope pull handle as well as top and side carry handles and comes in 7 different colours.

Last but not least there is a pretty decent, very affordable version from Amazon Basics:

AmazonBasics Premium Upright Expandable Softside Suitcase with TSA Lock

->>Click on image to check price and get more information

This 2-piece set is also available as a single carry-on bag in size 19″, 22″ and checked 26″. The 2-piece set comes with a 22″ carry-on and a 26″ checked suitcase.

You can choose from 6 colours. The bags are made from durable polyester and have 2 inline wheels that are of a bigger size to help with easier navigating over bumpy terrain.

Support stabilisers help to prevent the bag from tripping, but as mentioned above, just adjust your packing to have the heavier items on the bottom of the bag.

The bags also come with built-in TSA locks, which will make it easy for the authorities to check your luggage.

It also has an adjustable telescope handle, carry handle on the side, a generous main compartment with straps and zippered mesh pocket, as well as a deep outside zippered pocket.

This bag is also expandable by 1.5″. Just use the zipper to adjust the size.

This is a pretty solid bag from AmazonBasics, which is also shown in the amount of bought items and the ratings received. Good affordable value.

If you can afford it, go with the G-Ro!

I absolutely adore the functionality and if you’re planning on going on a trip where you will experience some rougher terrain (hello Europe!), it’ll be your best friend.

If you want to go with a more affordable option I have shown you here, you won’t be disappointed either. They are still really nice bags and will certainly serve their purpose.

Please let us know your comments, thoughts or questions and we will get back to you in no time.

Safe and happy travels!

Bags And Suitcases is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

This is at no extra cost to you.

16 Replies to “Best Large Wheeled Luggage – Bigger Wheels For Smooth Travel”

  1. Hello,
    Great article packed with information about the luggage world. I just bought my daughter a new one for travel and she loved that the wheels are 360 degrees. I personally like the one with the USB port! Those big wheels certainly would come in handy. I might have to look into getting that one.

  2. Oh my gosh, I had no idea of the innovation of wheeled luggage lately! As a traveler, I’m usually content with my 4 wheeled luggage, but you’re right, they do present limitations over more rugged terrain! I’m absolutely in love with the G-RO…that one is going on my wish list 😉

  3. I loved your post and I love even more that you got Star Wars Luggage; I’m a huge fan of Star Wars so as you can imagine I’m in love with that and the idea of it. Also, I’d like to ask where have you traveled to and which places have you visited recently? I would love to travel the world but alas I cannot as at this point, but anyway your luggage descriptions were spot on and the ones with the big wheels are awesome. I used to give my sister grief about using one, calling her lazy ass and all that but it was in good fun. Now I can tell her about the extra large wheels. She’ll be thrilled. 

    1. Thank you, yes, I love those Star War pieces as well. My most recent travels have taken me back to Europe –  Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. I know your sister will be very interested in those extra big wheels, especially if she travels a lot. 

  4. There’s nothing worse than getting the wheel of your suitcase  in a groove and it topples over and It always seems to happen when your in a rush!

    My Choice out of the cases you reviewed would be the G-RO Carry-on case. With the gravity roll wheels terrain is not a problem. 

    There are many features on the case but my main attraction to this one is the larger wheels. I need that one!

  5. Even though I may think terrain has little to do with wheels, there may be places as you mentioned where wheel size will make a huge difference pushing or pulling luggage through the airport terminals, hotels, Resorts, and other places across the world. 

    Question: Is there something out there for handicap travelers where they can attach to mobile units or wheel chairs?



    1. The extra large wheels are especially designed for uneven terrain, so you won’t get stuck.

      I will have to research that one for you. I know there are smaller bags you can attach to either mobile units or wheelchairs, and there are also the generation of luggage that are basically robots and follow you around by voice command. At this stage there are not that many of them around to choose from, but I’m sure there’ll be heaps more in the future and with that the price should come down a bit too. 

      It might also be an idea to have a look at getting an attachment to be able to hang bigger bags or even a bag stand for when you travel. 

  6. Does anyone have direct experience with the G-Ro? I understand the company went out of business and I’ve heard there are issues with the handle quality and that the bag tips over. I really want a piece of luggage with large wheels and there is really no-one doing it reliably.

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