Essential For Traveling – 33 Must-Have Items

Essential For Traveling – 33 Must-Have Items

Whenever I travel I try to remember everything that I will definitely need for my holiday, for the time on the plane, for the day trips and sightseeing, and all the other things I always plan to do.

What is essential for traveling for me might be different to what is essential for you, so I’ve compiled a list (in no particular order) of favourites I’ve collected over the years as well as what others have shared with me.

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1. A Good Neck Pillow

This is definitely something worth bringing along. Every time I fly somewhere I have this discussion with myself whether I really need to bring a neck pillow or not.

Sometimes I lose against my better knowledge and I don’t bring one and my neck is worse for wear and other times I win and can convince myself that it’s worth carrying it and I get a better night’s sleep (a good night’s sleep isn’t really possible in Economy, is it?)

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2. A Travel Diary

I tend to forget what I’ve done very quickly these days and a travel diary is a great way to finish the day and put down everything you’ve seen and experienced to read again later.

Writing a diary is also a way to help your memory along, especially when you’ve been traveling for a while.

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3. A Good Pen

This kind of goes hand in hand with a travel diary. You don’t want to end up not being able to write your day’s adventures just because you bought an old cheap pen and it decided to be empty on the first day of your travels.

You also don’t want something that’ll leak into your bag.

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4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

When traveling on a plane you usually get pretty cheap earphones which sometimes don’t even work properly.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just use your own fully functional headphones which also make sure you don’t have to listen to other people snoring or talking too loudly about things you’d rather know nothing about?

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5. Compression Socks

An absolute non-negotiable essential for every time I go on a plane. Doesn’t look nice, but helps prevent swelling and deep-vain thrombosis.

I’ve had to deal with swollen legs once after a long flight because I didn’t wear the socks and that was one time too many. It took quite a while for my legs to feel normal again.

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6. A Selfie Stick

This is something that has only been added to my essentials list very recently as I didn’t really see what the hype was about.

But… It’s kinda nice the kind of photos and videos you can take, especially when you don’t have anyone else who could take a photo of you and if you want everyone in the picture with you.

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7. An Eye Mask

I always take my own eye mask on a flight. I know that you usually get a little pack with some little bits and bops, but I find they don’t last very well and don’t fit well either.

These are really great at blocking out the light properly.

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8. Flip Flops

These come in handy not only for when you’re going to the beach, but they are also great for when you have to use public bathrooms at the beach or use showers in share bathroom accommodations.

Flip Flops can also be worn as slippers when you’re in your hotel room and don’t want to walk around barefoot or in shoes or socks.

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9. Entertainment

Nowadays you get a lot of choices when you’re flying somewhere internationally; usually you can watch some of the newest movies, listen to all sorts of music and play games to keep yourself entertained.

If you’d like something different from what’s on offer, then bring your own iPad with your own music, read a book on your Kindle or be old school and read a proper book.




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10. An Electric Toothbrush For Traveling

If you have room to carry a normal toothbrush, then you definitely have room to carry a mini electric toothbrush. I shouldn’t even have to tell you why an electric toothbrush is essential.

They are just so much better than a conventional toothbrush. But you’ll still have to floss.

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11. Earplugs

I know you already have your noise-canceling headphones, but you don’t really want to wear them all the time and while sleeping?

Earplugs aren’t just great for blocking out noise from flying, they’re also great when you share a room with someone who snores, they’re great for swimming and they’re great for concerts, too.

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12. A Good Camera

You probably have your phone with you and can take half-decent photos with it. Or so you think until you have tried a proper camera. I’ve got this camera myself and it’s really awesome.

Or maybe you just need a waterproof camera so you can take beautiful pictures of the under water world?

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13. Moisturizing Spray

This spray is great for keeping your skin moisturized during a long flight when your skin has a greater need for moisture. Not only do you have to drink a lot of water, you also have to look after your skin and this is a great way.

It also smells beautifully and makes you feel refreshed. Share with other travelers.

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14. A Collapsible Water Bottle

This one is a really handy one, as you can take it with you wherever you go and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Better than having to buy plastic water bottles all the time too, not only do you save money and help the environment, this one’s without all the nasties.

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15. A Pegless Washing Line

A pegless washing line is perfect for doing your laundry when traveling. You know how little space you usually get in a hotel bathroom.

This one comes with suction cups so you can hang it wherever you want. You hang up your clothing by tucking a piece into one of the twists. Easy.

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16. A Travel Adapter

You’ll never have to buy a travel adapter again, well, not as long as you’re going to places where you need the four most common plug types. Not only an adapter, but also a charger as well.

Works for most of EU, UK, US, AUS and Asia.

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17. Dryer Sheets

These dryer sheets are perfect to keep everything in your suitcase smell lovely. Even if you stuff some worn clothes into your luggage, these sheets will cover up any smells.

And if you use the dryer just chuck one of these in as well. That’s kind of what they’re for too.

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18. A Canvas Tote Bag

These are great to have for whenever you need to just take a few items and wander around. Great to have with you for doing shopping for a few things..

And so cute with The Little Prince. Comes with cats printed on as well.

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19. The Scrubba

If you ever need to do your laundry while traveling, this thing is great! It’s basically a portable laundry bag to easily handwash your clothes in wherever you are.

Yes, you could do your laundry in a sink, but sometimes they’re too small or they don’t have a plug or that leaks or the sink is just yuck.

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20. Space Saver Bags

Packing your bags made easy by using these convenient space saver bags. You’ll be able to pack way more things and everything will be tidy and organised too!

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21. A Travel Wallet

Keep all of your important travel documents safe and secure. Put you passport and credit cards in here and be sure no-one can copy the information due to the RFID protection.

You can carry it around your neck for extra safety.

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22. A Good Day Pack

Great little day pack to take with you so you can take your most important items with you on your day trips.

Doesn’t take much room in your luggage and doesn’t weigh much.

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23. Facial Wipes

Don’t forget these. Facial wipes not only come in handy to freshen up after long travel, they are also good for when you don’t have the chance of washing your hands after eating something greasy for example and you’re on the go.

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24. A Luggage Scale

Don’t get caught out when traveling and when you’re packing your newly bought souvenirs and extra clothing. Weighs only very little and doesn’t take up much room.

It’s worth it if you don’t want to pay exorbitant fees at the airport.

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25. A Rain Jacket

There’s always room in your luggage for an essential like a rain jacket. Not just good for rainy weather, but also for when it’s a little cooler than expected.

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26. Swimsuit

This is an essential for me as I never travel anywhere without a bathing suit. Even if I go on a winter holiday, I take a swimsuit.

I love going for a spa and sauna and it’s an awesome way to get warm again in winter. And in summer you’ll definitely get to use it.

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27. GeniusPack

This little suitcase is exactly that, genius. It has so many organizational features, it’s really awesome as it makes perfect use of the space.

There’s nothing that’s not needed and everything has a function.

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28. TSA Lock

If you don’t already have a suitcase with an integrated TSA lock, do yourself a favour and buy a pack of these TSA locks.

You will be happy to have these if you’re traveling to one of the many airports where the TSA technology is used, I.e. the authorities are able to open and close these locks without breaking them.

You will also know if or when the lock has been opened.

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29. Toiletry Bottles

As you may or may not know when you take liquids in your carry-on you’re not allowed to take anything that’s more than 100ml.

But, you can use these handy reusable TSA approved bottles to just fill in whatever you need to take.

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30. Wallet Ninja

The wallet ninja is a handy little tool that’ll fit into a credit card slot in your wallet. It has 18 different tools in one little credit card, such as a bottle, can and letter opener!

I have one of those in my wallet!

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31. Portable Charger

This is a perfect little power bank charger which can charge most phones, tablets and other USB devices. It also offers high-speed charging.

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32. Packing Cubes

This is a great way to organise everything in your luggage. You could divide your clothing into separate days or have your own clothing separate from your kids’ clothing or have socks in one, tops in another, you get it.

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33. Bluetooth Speaker

A water-resistant speaker for the perfect day at the beach or for your holiday home, to play all of your favourite tunes from your phone or other Bluetooth device.

I hope you found these essentials as useful as I do.
Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I’ll get back to you soon.

Safe and happy travels!

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12 Replies to “Essential For Traveling – 33 Must-Have Items”

  1. These are some of the best suggestions i have seen about essentials when traveling. I love music a lot and it’s been something that keeps coming up in my list when traveling any time. 

    I have got some other things I can add from this post however. Take for example the ear plug, lol. I have a pretty bad experience with sleeping in a room with someone who snores and I wouldn’t want a repetition of that. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Your list has some of the things I pick when traveling and also so many I don’t really think of going with. First is the idea of having a neck pillow with me, some time when I travel with the train I suffer a lot of neck pain after the journey and I haven’t taken note that what I need is neck pillow until now. 

    I can also make use of the headphone, collapsible water and travel adapter. Wow there are just too much I need to add. I’ll need some real coaching from you someday. Best regards.

  3. This is a very comprehensive list of traveling items!  Some I never even would have thought of bringing.  (Ninja wallet for example, that’s pretty neat!).  I do agree that a travel charger is essential if you’re traveling abroad!  You will definitely need that if you want to charge your devices!  Thanks for the suggestions!  I love the travel kit for liquids.  I didn’t even think about the 100ml rule.  I’ll have to bookmark your page to remember all the suggestions. 

  4. Thank you, great article. Neck pillows are so important. On the plane but also when you’re driving. Usually the head rest of the car doesn’t provide support on its own, and you need a neck pillow on there. 

    The selfie sticks are great. You will see those all the time on people’s travel blogs. They are using selfie stick because it helps them record. It also is a nice combination with the GoPro. 

    Savears are some of the best ear-plugs. Again, that’s an item that will benefit you while traveling, or in general life. In fact, most of your list is full of useful things that we could get for traveling but also use day to day. Thanks!! Have a good day. 

    1. yeah you’re right, when driving, neck pillows can make a long journey more comfortable.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding to this post 🙂

  5. What a great list! Since I do not travel very often, I would not have thought of several of these things. I really like the battery charger and the ear plugs. My phone’s battery is not very good and I would not be able to rest in a plane without the ear plugs.  Thank you for this list. Now I need to plan a trip!

  6. I must say that is an excellent list, however, I have to highlight a few items. The noise cancelling headphones, the ear plugs and portable charger are on the top of my list.

    I have been flying a decent amount lately and on one flight, I had someone sitting right behind me that organized concerts and she was very nice, and she had a great voice. The problem was that she sang to herself (with her headphones on) for the ENTIRE flight! 

    Wow, was I ever wishing I would have paid for some nice noise cancelling headphones.

    The other thing is the portable charger. My phone seems like is always running out of power and of course we use it more when we travel so the portable charger is a must.

    Thanks for a great article.

    1. Oh wow, that would’ve been great in the beginning with the singing and then turn into a bit of an annoyance, especially if you want to get some peace and quiet (as much as that’s possible when flying). 

      The head phones are so worthwhile, as are the earplugs for the same reason. And of course the charger is great. Phone batteries don’t seem to last as long anymore…

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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