The Best Protective Cover For A Suitcase

The Best Protective Cover For A Suitcase

Are you having trouble finding your luggage at the baggage carousel? We found the best protective cover for a suitcase which will absolutely help you find your suitcase. It will make it stand out without costing the world and it will protect your suitcase from dirt and dust wherever you go.

There are so many great options to choose from, we nearly didn’t know where to start!


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Fvstar Travel Luggage Cover – Flamingos and Pineapples

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Flamingos and pineapples seem to be all the rage at the moment, it seems you can get them in any colour and printed on anything and everything.

  • These flamingos and pineapples are printed on 100 % polyester, which is extremely durable and will protect your luggage from any dirt, dust and scratches.
  • The material is thick and elastic.
  • It is machine washable and due to the technology used (digital sublimation transfer), it won’t fade and will maintain its high quality.
  • These covers fit luggage sized from 19 to 32 inches, there are four different sizes (S to XL). For hard shell suitcases, add one inch extra, i.e. your 18 inch luggage needs a cover that would fit 19 inches.
  • Note that this cover fits right handle luggage with four wheels only. It has an opening at the top for the handle and a zip at the bottom where the wheels are.
  • This cover will make your luggage stand out and you won’t have a problem finding it.
  • Many different designs are available at very cheap prices.

iPrint Travel Luggage Cover – Nerdy Cat

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The one thing that will never go out of fashion, anything with cats on it. Well, you either love them or you don’t. But seriously, who can not love a cute nerdy cat?

  • The material used for these covers are 15% spandex and 85% polyester. This gives a great thickness to protect against dust and abrasions and makes it stretch with high elasticity.
  • The covers are all double stitched for longer lasting quality. Washable and very durable.
  • There are various cutouts to easily access handles and the bottom is zipper closed. The wheel movement won’t be restricted by the cover.
  • The pattern designs are all exclusive, printed on both back and front; the inside lining does not have print on it. Vivid and bright colours due to superior sublimation quality used.
  • Easily folded into a small package for easy carrying and storage.
  • Note there are three different sizes, ranging from 18 to 30 inches.
  • You can also contact the supplier with your own design idea!

Myosotis510 Luggage Cover – Grumpy Face “Don’t touch”

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Don’t you just love this grumpy face? The covers from Myosotis are in 3D, to make them come to live and stand out even more. These are very popular and have a great price too!

The description is pretty much the same as the one before, but I’ll repeat it for you:

  • Several cut-outs for handles, zipper closure for easy fitting and removal.
  • Vivid and bright colours and 3D!
  • Thickness of material can protect your suitcase during travel against dust, dirt, grime and scratches.
  • This design will make it easy to recognise your luggage between many others.
  • 4 sizes are available, make sure to measure your suitcase or refer to manufacturer’s details to find the right fit. Size S will fit 18-22″, M will fit 23-26″, L fits 27-30″ and XL fits 31-32″ luggage.
  • Durable, washable, double stitched and highly elastic.

BlueCosto Travel Luggage Cover – Clear PVC

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This one is not really as pretty as the previous ones, but it’ll do the job of protecting your things!

  • The material is high quality PVC, it is see through and thick and will protect your luggage from stains, scratches, dirt, dust and wet weather!
  • There are various cut-outs for easy access to top and side handles and wheel movement won’t be restricted. Velcro secured.
  • Well constructed at seams and perfect to protect suitcase in rainy and/or snowy weather.
  • Very easy to clean by just wiping it down after use or in between stops. Can be folded for easy storage.
  • Do not include wheels when measuring for size!
  • Five different sizes available (20″, 22″, 24″, 26″ and 28″)

Madifennina Spandex Travel Luggage – Happy Sloth

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Last but not least another cute option we had to show you! Happy little sloth, just hanging in there, isn’t he just lovely?

  • Madifennina also over durable material made of 15% spandex and 85% polyester (385 grams).
  • There are three sizes from medium to fit 22 – 25 inches, large for 26 to 28 inches, to extra large for 29 – 32 inches. For hard shell suitcases, order a bigger size (at least one inch more than its size).
  • Easy to use, fit and remove. Fully washable, elastic and extremely durable.
  • Bottom closure with zipper and rubber band
  • This thick material will protect your suitcase against dust and dirt as well as scratches.
  • Makes it easy to recognise your luggage by personalising it.
  • Other designs include seahorses, cats, teapot and panda. Have a look for yourself!

We have shown you some of the cutest luggage protecting covers out there. Now it is your choice!

We have noted that neither of these covers have caused any problems with TSA, so you don’t need to worry about that either.

Please let us know your comments, thoughts or questions and we will get back to you in no time.

Safe and happy travels!

Bags And Suitcases is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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30 Replies to “The Best Protective Cover For A Suitcase”

  1. Hello Petra, awesome article! You just gave me an idea to create a checklist of all the things that I may need for when my living situation starts to improve!

    Considering that I may be doing quite some traveling in the future, it would be a great idea to find awesome suitcases that stand out so that I can make traveling that much easier.( just received my passport for the first time!)

    Anyway, thank you so much for providing an awesome looking post that gives me an idea of how detail oriented I should be when it comes to preparing ahead to make my traveling as smooth as possible! so it is great to know about the sloth suitcase cover lol!

    1. Yes, there are so many things to think about before travelling! You’ll have so much fun though. Get back to me when you’re in the process of buying a suitcase, I’ll help you find a good one for your needs. 🙂

  2. This is really a good article. My travel luggage was new, but it has become old quickly after only traveling two times. I should have one of those covers at least or maybe I’ll look into the other luggage you reviewed. Something that’ll last longer.

  3. OMG I had no idea these existed!!!!! I often pick the wrong bag or have to remeber to tie some ribbon on the hanfle so I know which is mine… LOVE THIS!! thanks for sharing this.

  4. Another great idea.  My favorite is the grumpy face followed in a close second place by the nerdy cat. 

    These covers are great. I have a navy blue bag, but so have  50 percent of the other people taking the same flight as me. This is a great way for me to spot my bag quickly without having to argue with someone whose bag it really is at the airport terminal. 

    I will definitely be getting one of these before I go traveling again. 

    1. Yes, it’s a simple way to recognise your bag if you don’t want to buy another one for that reason only. And it protects your case from scuff marks at the same time. 

  5. This is a great gift idea for my girlfriend. Thank you for sharing.

    I see that the cost for these covers is very reasonable too. I might have to buy one for my girlfriend and one for myself and maybe for other family members as well. 

    Happy travels for sure! 🙂

  6. You find the best stuff to feature on your blog! These are a great idea, especially when you have the standard black suitcases that everyone has. You’ll be able to spot them instantly on the line and I like the idea of not getting my luggage all scuffed up, either. Plus, cute looks, which I would totally use.

  7. Last time we were travelling I saw someone with one of these luggage covers on their suitcase.  I’d never seen them before, but thought wow! these are great.  Help to keep your suitcase from getting scratched up, as happens so quickly.  I think my favorite one is the grumpy face lol “don’t touch”  Yup that’s the one I’m going to get. 

  8. Hi Petra,

    Luggage are sometimes very expensive, especially if you are looking for quality. I love the luggage covers you mention in this post. It protects your luggage especially if you travel by air a lot. The luggage handlers at airports don’t really respect your luggage and it gets thrown around a lot. This causes damage and a cover will be a great solution.

    I like the Grumpy Face and the Happy Sloth covers.

    Thanks for a great article!

    1. I like the Sloth one too. And yes, you’re right, the luggage handlers can be quite rough, so it’s certainly worth it to invest whatever can protect your suitcase a bit more. 

  9. Luggage covers make such a lot of sense… Having a washable cover that protect the bags from the dirt and grime is a sensible idea.  Also, trying to find my generic bag from among all the other look-alikes is a challenge that you may have solved with this idea.  

    I am particularly fond of those Grump covers, I think. I am seeing a line of them in assorted sizes.  Whooo!  A Grump tribe in the making!

    1. The grumpy cover really seems to be the most favourite of them all 🙂 And yes, protecting your luggage is so easy with those and finding it will be much easier as well. Love your idea of the grumpy tribe 🙂

  10. Petra,

    These are the cutest and handiest things I have come across in sometime, need to get out a little more shopping right?

    I love to travel and absolutely hate germs and dirt so these are a perfect solution to cleaning my luggage when I arrive at my destination and then again when I arrive home.  Grumpy Don’t Touch is my favorite so this is probably the one I will be picking up to cover both of my luggage pieces.

    Thanks for putting these out there great find on something highly useful and helping people to keep luggage cleaner.


    1. You are right, these are the perfect solution to protect your luggage not only from dirt and germs, but also from minor scratches. 

      Grumpy is the absolute favourite for everyone, it seems. 

  11. Protective suitcase cover? That’s a brilliant idea. Why didn’t I think of this before. Came across this looking for ways to protect my luggage. Such an easy way!

    Every time I travel, I always have all my check in luggage safe-wrapped not only to make sure they won’t get scratched or damaged during transport but also for security reasons. I don’t know if you’ve heard or read about some people taking advantage of travelers by secretly opening their luggage and putting a bullet. And as the unsuspecting victims goes through the luggage x-ray machine, the bullet will be discovered in their luggage and you know that bullets are not allowed on planes. The people behind this modus will then ask the traveler to pay a certain amount so as not to cause any problem. Terrible isn’t it?

    When this incident became public, most if not all travelers/flyers have their luggage safe-wrapped. The result: it’s hard to find our luggage at the luggage carousel, unless you put some kind of unique tag or identifying mark. I think having any of these would be cool. 

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Oh gosh, that’s just shocking! I knew that people would try and open luggage and get certain items out, but that is just horrible! 

      I know some countries are quite corrupt, so when you get to their airports, they’re always trying to make the extra buck. Latest example was us going through Bali airport. They wanted to charge us $50 to get into their country, although we were just going from one plane to the other. Finally we got away without forking out the extra cash.

      But back to the protective covers… Yes, that would be a very good way to find your luggage again. And it would give extra protecting as well. 

  12. The grumpy face looks like Thomas the train lol. The covers are so useful since we all know what the airline employees do to our bags and let’s not even start with the custom!! They are so adorable and I do encourage people to actually get one of these, to personalize your bag and also make it stand out when you try to grab your luggage.

    Happy holidays!!

  13. Love the “Grumpy Face” one!  Because I usually check in one big bag and a slightly smaller one, I would also love a mini-me grumpy face!  

    A ‘father and son’ combo … very easy to spot at a carousel … no risk of accidentally picking up someone else’s luggage (yes, yes .. I’m one of those bag-ID-challenged travellers who mistakes other people’s luggage for their own).

  14. Naturally, I’ve had to look for my suitcase at the airport too. Often, the suitcases are completely identical, and the recognition marks you’ve affixed are either invisible or missing at all.I was very fond of Myosotis510 Luggage Cover – Grumpy Face “Don’t touch.” I think even $20 is a very affordable price for your peace not to wait for your suitcase at the airport nervously.

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