Genius Pack G4 – What is so genius about the Genius Pack luggage?

Genius Pack G4 – What is so genius about the Genius Pack luggage?

You have seen the name Genius Pack but have no idea what’s behind it? Here’s your introduction to Genius Pack luggage and their newest additions, such as the Genius Pack G4. Genius luggage options with genius features.


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What is Genius Pack?

Having only been founded in 2013, Genius Pack have certainly made a name for themselves by offering high-functioning luggage options. This luggage is perfect for the highly organised person or anyone who’d like to be more organised.

Read up more about Genius Pack in this quick overview.

To name but a few features that will make your life easier:

  • removable laundry bag to keep dirty laundry separate
  • Integrated air valve expels air to compress your clothing of up to 50%
  • Separate compartments for socks, underwear and chargers
  • Store water bottle, passports and other items in the quick access outside pockets
  • Embedded checklist
  • and many more features

Read up more about the previous version, the Genius Pack G3 to compare.

Genius Pack G4 Carry On Spinner

To give you a better idea of the Genius Pack luggage, watch the following video of their latest G4 Carry on spinner:

Genius Pack G4 – The Name Speaks For Itself

“A complete redesign of our best-selling carry on with ultra-sleek aesthetics”

Click on image for more information and price

Product Name: Genius Pack G4 22″ Carry On Spinner Luggage
Quick Description:
Smart, Organized, Lightweight Suitcase
Size: 22 x 14 x 9 inches (including wheels and handles)
Weight: 8 lbs
4.2 of 5
Coal Black, Navy, Red, Titanium

For all of you who are new to Genius Pack, I can tell you, it doesn’t get better than this if you want to be highly organised. So many convenient features and high functionality make this carry on spinner luggage a dream come true.

Awarded best Carry On Bag by Travel & Leisure and Fodor’s Travel

The makers of the G4 took all of the best features from the G3 to create an even better carry on with the G4.

Some of the features I have mentioned above, but here is a more complete list of the new and improved features:

Fourth generation of Genius Pack’s best-selling carry on – Genius Pack have listened to their customers feedback and have implemented, improved or re-invented the following:

  • Sleek aesthetic and abrasion resistant endurane with the all new luxurious polyurethane coated fabric exterior
  • The frame-injected wheels have been made more stable (frame injected means the wheels are directly connected to the frame and are less likely to break off)
  • Zipper pullers have been improved to be stronger and are more resistant to misuse
  • Buckles of the Laundry Compression Technology have been built with stronger hardware (In the past the buckles tended to buckle under too much pressure)
  • A hidden interior lining pocket has been added – great for shoes
  • New interior lining fabric – ultra sheen
  • Frame has been made lighter using High Density PE
  • Embedded honor patch has been added which is displaying patent numbers
  • Internal compartments now come with reverse coated waterproof zipper tape
  • Retraction of aluminum trolley handle has been improved

Other features:

  • expandable to 25% extra packing space
  • strap a personal bag and jacket to the bag
  • Extremely durable

THE CRAFTSMANSHIP (as advertised by the manufacturer)

  • 360-degree frame-injected spinner wheels for a smooth roll
  • Detailed craftsmanship: More than 17 features built in
  • High strength polyurethane coated nylon
  • Durable honeycomb frame acts tough against mishandling
  • 100% aluminum telescoping handle with 2 lock positions
  • Memory foam-filled top and side handles for extra comfort of bag handling
  • Easy-grab bottom handle for overhead bin access
  • Abrasion resistant, water resistant, UV resistant
  • Maximum internal capacity for Carry On: 44 L
  • Extremely lightweight. Just 7.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 in. including wheels and handles – make sure to check with airlines as to their allowances for carry on bags

Additional features and items:

  • Retractable ID card

Genius Pack portable charger – recharge your smartphone from your bag

  • the charger is fully removable
  • sold separately (directly through GP)

Genius Pack Micro Umbrella – can be stored on top of case

  • sold separately (directly throught GP)

Other luggage by Genius Pack

To view what else is available from Genius Pack through our favourite online store, click here or click on images below for more information.

Genius Pack 2 Piece Aerial Hardside Lightweight Luggage Set 21″ Carry On, 29″ Upright (Jet Black)

Genius Pack High Altitude Flight Bag -Patented Design Wraps Around Airplane Seat-Back Tray – Navy

Genius Pack Overnight True Sport Duffle (Plum, One Size)

I hope you enjoyed this post and got enough information to decide whether Genius Pack is for you.

Let me know if you have any questions or leave comments below.

Happy travels!

Bags And Suitcases is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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22 Replies to “Genius Pack G4 – What is so genius about the Genius Pack luggage?”

  1. I am so blown away by the incredible features of the genius bags! The attached portable charging unit in particular is just genius!! How many of us sit at the airport stressing that our phones are dying and we don’t have time to charge it enough before getting on a plane?! This covers us for those emergency situations – amazing! I need one!

  2. Genius pack G4 is a genius luggage pack built out of ingenuity of a genius. Thanks for this informative and insightful post. I cannot be happier to read the features of this travel pack especially the fact that the zipper pullers have been made to be stronger. Thats a great feature for me because zipper pullers have always been a problem for me because they end up breaking within a very limited time. Not sure why, maybe it’s that I’m using too much strength. It’s great that they’re made to last. I’ll have a think about getting one of these.

    1. The makers of the Genius luggage really have put a lot of thought into making their luggage. And I think it’s great they’re listening to their customers feedback and change and improve the weak spots. You should definitely get one if you want a long lasting suitcase or carry on. 

  3. I have had a very good experience with another Genius Pack luggage. And reading your post about Genius Pack G4 has made me quickly make up my mind.

    From my own experience, I know they build extremely durable luggage. And I appreciate this one has a removable laundry bag and also has quick access outside pockets for stuff like passports and other items. Thank you very much for this review.

    I love that they made such great improvements! 

  4. hey

    I am looking for a suitcase for a long trip in south east asia. Can the G4 be a good fit? I will mainly travel by road, so this will involve a lot of pulling and movement. Is it that resistant? And how can I track it, if it get lost?

    I am really interested in the Genius pack G4 because the space it offers. This can allow me to have only one bag and my handbag, I think I can even carry a tent and a sleeping bag inside, right?

    Please let me know about the above so that I can start preparing for my journey.


    1. Hey, no sorry, the G4 probably won’t be big enough for a long trip and won’t fit a tent and sleeping bag. It’s only a carry on size of 22″. 

      Genius Pack have some other luggage though that might be a bit more appropriate for your trip. 

      Size wise I’d go for this one: Genius Pack 27″ Spinner

      It still comes with the same genius features of the G4. 

      Unless you’re great with packing very lightly and don’t mind washing your items and can therefore pack everything you need into a carry on… But, you won’t be able to fit a tent and sleeping bag into a carry on. 

      Just be aware that with the bigger sized luggage you’ll have to check the size and weight restrictions for the airlines and also you’ll have to lift the bigger suitcase in and out of the car you’re traveling in.

  5. Believe it or not, I had not heard about the Genius Pack G4, but after reading through your review and looking through the features of this brand and luggage, I wish I had. They have some very innovative bags that do things most of us dream about. I am sold on these.

    I am planning the next trip at the moment and was looking for a solution to my old American Tourister bag which has seen better days and many miles. Since it has been some time, I thought it best to see what is new out there. My search brought me to your page.

    Moving to the bag, I have to say the things that sell me on it are the laundry compression technology, the wheels that are attached directly to the frame, and the improved retraction trolley handle. These are all sore points for me and any bag I buy needs these emphases. 

    Thanks for the review, you have made my search for the ideal bag an easy choice. I am not sure of the cost (yet) but I do not mind paying more for quality. 

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’m really confident about this bag and very happy that the makers really listened to their customers. And guess what? The bag isn’t even that expensive! Just click on the following link:

      Genius Pack G4

  6. Nice list! This is the first time I’ve heard of the company (I was searching for a carry on with lots of compartments and easy to organize and this one came up) I usually go with sports brands for my bags and travelling cases but this looks like a worthwhile investment. I really need bags with compartments as I tend to carry a load of stuff with me, especially electronics.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. What an awesome carry on. The name sure does speak for itself. I am kind of a backpack kind of guy but depending on my journey I still occasionally make use of a rolling luggage. The genius pack g4 sure beats my current rolling luggage in terms of the features that it has to offer.

    I am really going to have to consider getting myself this as I don’t see any other rolling luggage as cool as this. You did an excellent job finding this out Petra because from what I have found out about this I think it would just be right for me.

  8. Hey, when it comes to traveling, the right luggage selection must be displayed. The perfect luggage must be the perfect fit for the traveling man or woman. The Genius PackG4 is a cool carry on and can double or triple for many other things. Most people when they travel are very comfortable with the style, shape and affordability of their own personalized luggage.

    With international travel, the traveler has to make sure they’re early at the airport, because so many compartments are designed within the Genius PackG4, it’ll take time for customs to go through everything. 

    1. It shouldn’t take customs longer, rather it should be easier and quicker as everything has its place. It really is a great piece of luggage for the very organised person or someone who wants to be. 

  9. I’m looking for a new carry on case and this one is certainly interesting. I had not heard of Genius luggage before reading your review I came across when looking for a new carry on case. Generally I prefer hard shell luggage and currently have a Tumi suitcase which has been fantastic. However your review just might convince me to try one of these suitcases. 

    There are a few things I love about this luggage one of which is the idea of it compressing clothing as in the past I’ve used those vacuum bags for packing which reduce the space your clothing takes up but they’re a bit time consuming to use. I also like the built in laundry bag. It’s kind of like this suitcase has all the gadgets built in which I already use but I bought them separate to my luggage. Luggage with spinner wheels are a must for me as they help take the stress off your arm when you pull heavy luggage along the streets, so it’s good to know this is also a feature of the Genius luggage. 

    1. You should give this carry on case a try and I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s amazing, they’ve thought of pretty much everything. 

  10. It sounds like this bag does it all except pack itself. This thing can charge your cell phone while moving through the airport. Talk about convenient. How’s the reliability on GP luggage? That’s probably my biggest question. I know from experience that not all luggage is made with the same quality. My parents still have the same luggage from when I was a child, about 30 years.

    Besides the convenience of GP do you think this will hold up for the long haul? I don’t mind spending a good amount of money on something that can last for many years. Thanks in advance.

    1. Wouldn’t that be great? A self packing suitcase? 

      The GeniusPack G4 comes with a 5 year warranty, that should help with your decision? The reviews I’ve gone through mostly show very great satisfaction with this carry on case. 

  11. Hey Petra,

    Always a pleasure reading your content, you have definitely made me fall in love with luggage. The portable charging unit is a much needed feature especially in today’s world where we spend most of our time online now this option allows you to be powered up while you are on the go.

    The Genius Pack G4 seems to be very high quality with great durability, everything you need in a travel bag. I like the fact that it’s so small and neat also, will be great for those short business trips, it’s just another great feature.


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