13 Best Of Samsonite Luggage for 2019

13 Best Of Samsonite Luggage for 2019

Samsonite is one of the best-known, most-trusted and probably the largest luggage companies in the world. Following I will introduce you to the brand and also to the best of Samsonite luggage.

Founded in 1910 Denver, Colorado, Samsonite started as a trunk manufacturing company and are now one of or maybe even the world leader in luggage, travel bags, computer and business bags, outdoor and casual bags as well as travel accessories.

They have acquired quite a few other well-known luggage brands, such as American Tourister in 1993, High Sierra and Hartmann in 2012, Lipault, Speck and Gregory in 2014, and finally they also purchased Tumi in 2016.

Samsonite pride themselves on designing, manufacturing, sourcing and distributing reliable, durable, stylish, innovative and functional products.

Most of their luggage fall within the low to middle price range. Samsonite promises you peace of mind when traveling; your luggage wheels won’t come off and your valuables will be protected.

Their luggage ranges from hardside to softside, spinners to rollers, suitcases, carry-on, duffle bags and so on. Many of their suitcases feature TSA-approved locks. Their products are sold in more than 100 countries in the world.

Have a look at Samsonite’s Milestones:


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Samsonite Hardside Luggage

Why should you buy hardside luggage?

Here are a few pros and cons: One of the best arguments for buying hardside luggage is that it’s durable and rigid which means it is great for protecting your fragile belongings.

On the other hand hardside luggage is inflexible and you won’t be able to fit just a bit more in, it needs more room and shows wear and tear more easily (this depends highly on the material and make).

They always keep longer and nicer if you use a protective cover.

Nowadays there are hardside cases that are expandable and less prone to showing scratches and dents, some of which are shown below:

Samsonite Stryde Hardside Glider

Click on image for price

This expandable 100% polycarbonate suitcase has a truly unique shape which is redefining luggage maneuverability. These cases are engineered using StrideAlign technology which creates effortlessly rolling bags.

It has a lower center of gravity which gives control over the movement and range of motion perfect for the traveler.

The handle is designed to be wider and has eight stops perfect for any height; the wheel system has individually hardened steel cartridge bearings to help increase mobility.

All sides of the case are protected with ultra-durable corner guards.

A TSA combination lock is integrated in the case and the cases can expand for added capacity.

Sizes: (not including the wheels and handles)

Carry-On: 20 x 14 x 9.5 inches – Weight: 7.2lbs

Medium: 22 x 20 x 11 inches – Weight: 10.4lbs

Long: 24.25 x 22.25 x 13 inches – Weight: 11.2lbs

Sizes (including the wheels and handles)

Carry-On: 22.84 x 15.75 x 10.39 inches

Medium: 22.64 x 22.84 x 12.21 inches

Long: 24.41 x 25 x 13.58 inches

Colour featured is Blue Slate. Also available in Charcoal.

This bag had really good reviews, but one thing stuck out for a few customers: the zippers are not as sturdy as they should be and, this might be the reason the zippers broke, the TSA lock is on the side of the suitcase and the zippers stuck in the lock get damaged if the bag is handled roughly during transit.

I recommend getting a protective cover for this suitcase, which will protect it from scratches also and keep the bag looking nicer for longer.

Here is a video summing up everything about the Stryde:

Samsonite S’Cure Hardside Luggage

Click on image for price

The Samsonite S’Cure is made of Flowlite Polypropylene, which is extremely light and highly scratch-resistant.

Flowlite Polypropylene is a semi-processed Polypropylene material mix; it allows for increased flow length of the material in molds which results in thinner shells, but doesn’t sacrifice strength.

The S’Cure has four 360 degree spinner wheels and a retractable handle, as well as an integrated TSA lock. The inside is fully lined with polyester.

Large Size: 31.9 x 21.7 x 13.8 inches (also available as a Carry-On 21.7 x 15.7 x 7.9 inches and in a medium checked size 28.5 x 18 x 11.5 inches – including wheels and handles)

Also comes in Aqua Blue and Crimson Red.

This suitcase has overall good reviews, but some issues seem to be occurring with the wheels which can come apart during transit and rough handling. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with getting replacement wheels through Samsonite, but here is a link for spare wheels for suitcases.

Unfortunately, wheels are one of the things on suitcases that can break more easily than other parts (many times because of rough handling), just because they are protruding.

Before you order your replacement wheels, make sure to get the old ones out and then measure the wheel as well as the hole to see what sizes you need.

This is not a bag for the frequent flyer.

See more about the S’Cure in this video:

Samsonite Freeform Expandable Hardside

Click on image for price

One of the main things that stick out with this luggage is its futuristic design highlighted by a unique new shape.

Freeform is lighter with stronger materials, offering increased durability and maximum maneuverability.

It is made from next generation polypropylene for ultra lightness and ultra strength.

The Freeform also comes with an integrated recessed TSA combination lock and the cases expand for extra packing capacity.

It comes in three sizes; Carry-On, Medium Checked and Large Checked.

Featured here is the 28-inch checked bag perfect for longer trips:

27.6 x 20 x 13 inches without wheels and handles) – 31.1 x 20.95 x 13.78 inches including wheels and handles – it weighs a light 9.5lbs

Other sizes:

Carry-On: 19.5 x 14.5 x 10 inches without – 21.25 x 15.25 x 10 inches including wheels and handles – weight 6.5 lbs

Medium Checked: 24 x 18 x 11.5 inches excluding – 27.95 x 19.57 x 13.39 inches including wheels and handles – weight 8.5 lbs

The bag featured is in the colour Navy, it also comes in Black, Sage Green, Tangerine and White.

The Freeform comes with a 10-year limited warranty (defects in materials and workmanship).

The Freeform has overall great reviews, but some customers experienced some frustrations as there were no instructions on how to open the TSA lock.

I have included an instruction video on the bottom of this post.

Have a look here at the Freeform:

Samsonite Softside Luggage

Why should you buy softside luggage?

Here are some of the main reasons: Softside luggage is flexible and will always fit the odd extra item you wouldn’t be able to fit in a hardsided case.

Here are some of the main reasons: One of the main points for buying softsided luggage is of course, as just mentioned, its flexibility. Usually you’ll get softsided luggage that’s expandable using a zipper and will give you around 2″ extra space.

Most times they come with outside pockets which are great for quick access. One of the main downsides is that soft sides won’t protect fragile items as well as hardsided luggage.

If you intend on transporting something fragile, wrap it well in bubble wrap and then wrap in clothing and put it in the middle of your other items.

Samsonite Solyte DLX Expandable Softside

Click on image for price

Featured here is the 25″ medium checked expandable spinner in Mediterranian Blue. The Solyte DLX has maximum capacity, is made from rugged polyester and has a heavy-duty construction.

Apart from that it has a thoughtful design and features a USB port so you can charge your devices (batteries are not included), a hideaway ID tag, has a built in WetPak pocket and expands by up to 0.75 inches.

It also has a lightweight, yet strong wrap-around frame, 360-degree spinner wheels, spacious outside pockets for easy access and SmartFix buckles which will keep tie-down straps and buckles out of the way while packing.

Sizes without handles and wheels:

Medium checked: 25.5 x 18 x 9.5 inches

Carry-On: 19 x 13.5 x 7.75 inches

Large checked: 29.75 x 21 x 13 inches

Sizes with handles and wheels:

Medium checked: 28.5 x 19 x 11.5 inches – weight: 8.9lbs

Carry-On: 22 x 14 x 9.5 inches – weight: 7.1lbs

Large checked: 33 x 21 x 13 inches – weight: 10.5 lbs

This bag also comes in Midnight Black and Mineral Grey.

This bag has received the highest ratings and best reviews. One of the few points to be mindful of was that the USB port needs batteries which aren’t included, and that the carry-on is a small size.

Samsonite Silhouette Xv Softside

Click on image for price

The Silhouette XV is the perfect suitcase for the frequent traveler and fantastic for foreign travel.

Made from ballistic nylon, this bag is made to be durable and light. The Tru-Trac wheel system makes it very easy to roll it, even over cobblestones.

The Silhouette XV is very spacious and is fully lined and offers lots of pockets for easy organising, mesh pocket and WetPak included.

Size: 25.25 x 18 x 9.5 inches without wheels and handles, 26.5 x 18 x 11.5 inches including wheels and handles.

It weighs 12 lbs and comes in Napa Red (featured), Twilight Blue and Black.

This suitcase is the medium size, but is also available as a 21″ Carry-On or a large 30″ checked suitcase, as well as a 26″ glider suitcase.

The Silhouette XV has overall good reviews except for some travelers who experienced problems with the handle coming off.

Make sure to lift luggage holding onto two sides of suitcase, do not just try and lift by one handle only.

Samsonite Leverage LTE Expandable Softside

Click on image for price

The Leverage LTE is made of rugged 1680D ballistic polyester which makes it resistant to abrasions, punctures and tears. It is a lightweight bag and featured here is the 29″ large checked suitcase, which is very large indeed.

Lots of room and lots of pockets for easy organising, this bag also features a removable interior zippered suiter to keep suits or dresses looking wrinkle free.

There are two front pockets for easy access, corner protectors to prevent wear and tear at critical points and self mending zippers.

This huge bag expands up to .65″ for additional packing capacity.

Size: 29 x 20.25 x 11 inches without wheels and handles, 32 x 20.25 x 11 inches including wheels and handles – weighs 10.5lbs

This bag is also available as carry-on (20 x 14.5 x 8 inches without wheels and handles, 23 x 14.5 x 8 inches including wheels and handles – Weight: 8lbs) as well as a medium checked suitcase (24.5 x 17.75 x 9.5 inches without wheels and handles, 27 x 20 x 12 including wheels and handles, Weight: 9.5 lbs).

The Leverage LTE is available in Poseidon Blue (featured), Charcoal and Purple.

This bag comes with Samsonite’s 10-year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.

The Leverage LTE in 29″ is a very large size, so be sure to check with your airline as to not go over the size limit, especially if you’re using the expansion. The same goes for the carry-on which could be too big for some airline’s carry-on restrictions.

The umbrella holder does not seem to be included.

Samsonite Carry Luggage

Carry luggage or carry-on luggage is luggage you can take with you onto the aircraft and put it into the overhead bin; carry luggage is also known as cabin luggage. Make sure to check with your airline for their size restrictions, as they can vary.

Then there are personal items; these are bags which can fit underneath the seat in front of you. These are usually in addition to your carry-on luggage.

Samsonite Fiero 20″ Spinner Burnt Orange

Click on image for price

The Fiero is a hardside spinner made of 100% injection-moulded polycarbonate and has a micro diamond texture which is very scratch-resistant. The four 360-degree wheels have been re-engineered to be lighter and to offer more effortless mobility.

The case can be expanded by up to 2″. The carry-on size measures 19.5 x 14.5 x 9 inches for packing space and 21.5 x 14.5 x 9 inches including wheels and handles. It weighs 7.5lbs.

A TSA lock is also included in the shell.

This bag also comes in a 28″ checked suitcase size. The featured colour is Burnt Orange, but you can also get it in Ocean Blue and Black.

The Fiero carry-on is very popular for business travelers. The dials on the lock could be a bit bigger to make it easier to set a code and to open the lock again.

You can fit a lot into this case.

Samsonite Etude Hardside Luggage

Click on image for price

The ETude is made from Makrolon Polycarbonate, which offers outstanding impact and scratch resistance. It is stylish with a subtle sheen which at the same time reduces visibility of any scratches.

It also has a wide grip handle for easy grab and go, an exterior mounted pull handle so packing space isn’t impacted upon, an integrated 3-digit TSA lock and four double spinner wheels.

Featured here is the carry-on size, but it also comes in a medium checked and a large checked size.

20″ Carry-On: 20.1 x 14.6 x 9.7 inches packing space, 21.75 x 14.75 x 9.65 inches including wheels and handles, Weight: 7 lbs.

28″ Medium checked: 28 x 20.2 x 13.2 inches packing space, 29.75 x 21 x 13.2 inches including wheels and handles, Weight: 11 lbs.

30″ Large Checked: 30 x 21 x 13 inches packing space, 31.88 x 21.65 x 13 inches including wheels and handles, Weight: 11 lbs, 9 oz

The Etude has received great reviews for its carry-on size, but had some issues with the bigger sizes. The straps to hold down items could be stronger.

Samsonite Lineate Underseat Carry On

Click on image for price

As mentioned before, the Lineate is an underseat carry-on, which means it can fit under the seat in front of you as your personal item, or you can use it as your carry-on and put it in the overhead compartment.

The bag is made of tri-core nylon with Samguard treatment which means it is rugged, but lightweight, with exceptional resistance to abrasion, punctures and tears, as well water-resistant.

The Lineate features recessed (maximizing packing capacity) premium steel cartridge bearing wheels which ensure effortless maneuverability.

One special feature is the power station which includes a USB port and zippered pocket for wireless charging (this doesn’t include a power pack).

The bag has a sleeve on the back so it can be attached to a checked size bag’s handle.

Size: 16 x 13.75 x 7.25 inches packing space, 17.75 x 14 x 8 inches including wheels and handles, Weight: 7.25 lbs.

It comes in Evening Teal (featured) and Obsidian Black.

Sometimes the Lineate does NOT fit under the seat in front of you (especially if it is filled to the top) and you’ll have to put it in the overhead compartment. Check with your airline for exact measurement restrictions.

Samsonite Luggage Sets

Sometimes you need more than one bag for travel or business or sometimes the whole family shares in the fun.

Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside Luggage

Click on image for price

This Samsonite Omni luggage set features one 20″ Carry-on, one 24″ medium checked and one 28″large checked suitcase.

The cases are made from 100% micro-diamond polycarbonate and are designed to withstand the harshest travel elements.

These bags are very light and look great with their scratch-resistant texture.

The cases all have side-mounted TSA locks, four 360-degree spinner wheels which have been re-engineered to be extra lightweight and offer effortless mobility and the come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Sizes (not including wheels and handles)

20” Carry-On: 19 x 14.5 x 9.75 inches, 6.81 lbs.

24” Medium Checked: 24 x 17.5 x 11.5 inches, 8.34 lbs.

28” Large Checked: 28.5 x 20.5 x 13.5 inches, 10.35 lbs.

Sizes including wheels and handles:

Carry-On: 22 x 15 x 9.5 inches

Medium Checked: 26.5 x 17.75 x 11.75 inches

Large Checked: 30.5 x 21.5 x 13.5 inches

You can also buy these bags separately, or in a set of 2. Colours available are: Black, Burnt Orange, Caribbean Blue, Silver, and Teal.

Be aware that some the sizes might be bigger than airline restrictions (without the expansion). Always double-check to make sure you don’t have to pay extra fees.

Might not be for the frequent traveler.

Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Hardside Luggage

Click on image for price

The Winfield 3 DLX set comes with a 20″ Carry-on, a 25″ medium checked bag and a 28″ large checked suitcase.

The cases are made from polycarbonate which makes for great protection for your belongings as it is tough, yet light.

The newest version of the Winfield has been upgraded with a 4-pocket 2-sided divider panel to maximise the packing organisation without adding extra bulk or weight.

The bags also come with integrated side-mounted TSA locks, self-retracting carry handles and four 360-degree oversized spinner wheels which have been re-engineered for lighter, more effortless mobility.

Sizes including wheels and handles:

20″ Carry-on: 22.5 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches, Weight: 6.97 lbs.

24″ Medium Checked: 27 x 17.25 x 11.375 inches, Weight: 8.9 lbs.

28″ Large Checked: 30.5 x 20.5 x 13.25 inches, Weight: 10.96 lbs.

Packing sizes (without handles and wheels)

Carry-on: 20 x 14.25 x 9.5 inches

Medium: 24.5 x 16.5 x 11.4 inches

Large: 28 x 19.75 x 12.5 inches

The bags come in 8 different colours: Black, Blue/Navy (featured), Burgundy, Emerald, Graphite Grey, Navy, Rose and Silver.

Try and buy from the link provided (click on image) which is Samsonite directly, instead of another seller, as there have been mentions of lesser quality through different outlets.

Not recommended for the frequent flyer. Use protective cover .

Samsonite Centric Expandable Hardside Luggage

Click on image for price

Made with the lightest polycarbonate construction, the Centric luggage set comes with a 20″ Carry-on, a 24″ medium checked bag and a 28″ large checked suitcase.

It offers scratch-resistant textures and is extremely light. It offers expansion on all sizes, four 360-degree spinner wheels, an integrated TSA lock and full-zip interior divider.

You can get this set with 3 or 2 bags, or separate as carry-on, medium checked or large size only.

Sizes without wheels and handles:

Carry-on: 19.6 x 14.75 x 9.5 inches, Weight: 7.5 lbs

Medium Checked: 24 x 16.5 x 11, Weight: 9.0 lbs

Large Checked: 27.75 x 19.6 x 12.4, Weight: 10.8 lbs

Size including wheels and handles:

Carry-On: 22.5 x 15.5 x 9.5 inches

Medium: 26.5 x 17.75 x 11 inches

Large: 30.4 x 20.9 x 12.4 inches

You can get this set in Black, Blue Slate (featured), Caribbean Blue, Silver, Bronze, Burnt Orange, Purple and Teal.

The overall reviews are pretty good and for the negative reviews you’ll have to take into consideration that they are for an earlier model as well.

Again, I wouldn’t recommend this for the frequent flyer and I’d use a protective cover.

Samsonite Duffel Bag

Finally, a bag to take with you in case you need an extra bag, or perfect also as a gym bag, sports bag or a weekender bag.

Samsonite Tote-A-Ton 32.5 inch Duffel

Click on image for price

This oversized 32.5 inch duffle bag is made from super durable, lightweight 400 denier nylon and is perfect for any occasion where you’ll need a lot of room in your bag, as it offers over 6000 cubic inches of space.

Can hold over 50lbs.

It comes with a top zip closure and has a small inside zippered pocket as well as an outside pocket for easy access. It has two-tone handles.

This bag is easy to store as it collapses when empty. The duffle is hand washable.

Perfect for many different uses – gym, sports, going to summer camp, storage.

Size: 32.5 x 17 x 11.5 inches

Super strong and holds a ton!

Make sure to buy from Samsonite directly as it has happened that used bags have been sold as new from other sellers.

How To Open A TSA Combination Lock

Should you receive a suitcase which you can’t open, try and follow this video to solve the issue:

What is the overall downside of Samsonite luggage?

Well, unfortunately, their customer service has been getting quite some bad reviews, especially when it comes to the warranty, which most times only applies if there is damage due to materials and workmanship. And even then they can be a bit tricky.

If you follow some of my tips (such as not overfilling the luggage, lifting it using two sides or two handles instead of just one, maybe purchasing a protective cover to prevent scratch damage to the case) you can hopefully avoid having to get into contact with customer service at all.

Many times damage occurs when luggage is handled roughly during transit. In those cases you can contact the airline directly to see whether they offer repair or even replacement.

Overall Best Samsonite Luggage

In my opinion, after reading through many many many reviews, the Samsonite Freeform (hardside) and the Samsonite Solyte (softside) are the best of Samsonite luggage currently available.

I hope you were able to find the right Samsonite luggage for you!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments and I will get back to you soon.

Safe and happy travels!

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  1. These Samsonite products are very good. I like this nice list of bags. 

    When I first saw the first hardside product on the list, I was a bit discouraged but going on, i saw more that made my head spin. Its really cool. 

    I particularly like the Samsonite S’Cure Hardside Luggage with all its beauty. I want to believe that these products are made in different colours too. Thank you for the information about the company too. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, yes the S’Cure comes in Aqua Blue and Crimson Red which are both made to stand out from the crowd

  2. Great post about some of the best samsonite luggage. 

    I know how important it is to get good luggage when you travel. 

    This year holiday time when we went for the holiday we faced one awkward situation because of the bad quality luggage we bought that time. 

    So we are going to Europe next month and looking for some luggage options. After reading this post I got a clear idea about the best luggage, for which I am gonna place my order. Thank you.

  3. I must say I’m really happy seeing this post. 

    For so many years I have tested so many Samsonite products and I must confess their durability were next to non. 

    I love the suggestion of luggage you have given here and I have been left in a cross road on which to pick. I

    ‘ll go get the Samsonite Silhouette Xv Softside for my next trip this month. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. That is a good choice. The Silhouette had good reviews, just make sure not to overload the suitcase and when lifting use two handles instead of lifting with the top handle alone. 

  4. I have not made use of any samsonite products but I have heard that they are really good at producing some of the best luggage. I do like traveling with backpacks but there are times whereby I prefer making use of a suitcase especially when I am carrying a lot. 

    I heard these guys were good but I had no idea they made some of the best luggage. I would be checking them out and make sure I get one of your recommendations.

    1. Well, you are welcome! Yeah, they have been around for a long time and constantly work on making improvements upon their products and inventing new ways and designs for travelers

  5. I have been suffering so much because I do not have a durable bag to put my stuff in. I’ve bought quite a few and they just don’t last. 

    For some time now I have heard a lot about the durability of Samsonite products and seeing this post gives me a really nice list of suggestions and makes me really excited. 

    I will get the Samsonite Freeform Expandable Hardside for myself and even my kids. Thanks for these really lovely suggestions. 

  6. Wow, this are really nice post that you have written here on the Samsonite products. 

    I knew about these products and how long Samsonite has been on the market for a long time but I didn’t know that they are called hardside so first, thank you for educating me on that. 

    Having said that, I like these bags honestly and even though they do have their cons, they are durable and also in a way anti theft. I fell in love instantly with the Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Hardside Luggage. 

    I would check that out as it has good looks too in different sizes. Cheers!

    1. Yes, the Winfield 3 really does like nice! And you’ll always find some cons for any luggage. Sometimes it’s to do with handling and sometimes it’s not used properly and sometimes it’s a fault in manufacturing. 

  7. This is a very excellent review. I really love traveling and especially have to go on many business trips. so this review is of great importance to me. 

    According to this review Samsonite is one of the best companies which produces quality products. I like the Samsonite Winfied 3DLX Hardside Luggage. It has a good design. Also the fact that it is light and tough is very useful for my purposes. 

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