What Is The Best Suitcase? 5 Points To Consider

What Is The Best Suitcase? 5 Points To Consider

If you don’t really know what to expect of a good suitcase, this guide will help you answer your question: what is the best suitcase? It will give you a bit more of an insight into the different features and will hopefully help you decide what kind of suitcase you should get. Even if you already have a good idea, these tips might still be helpful.finding the best suitcase

If you are going overseas and are not quite sure yet whether to get a suitcase, duffle bag or even a backpack, you might want to Read The Buying Guide. So what is the best suitcase for you and what are things you should take into consideration?


Suitcase sizes usually start around 22 inches, anything less is considered a carry-on size. Nowadays most suitcases come with wheels, and most of them have four wheels (some of them double), which are called spinners. These are great for getting around the airport easily, without having to carry your bags any more than necessary.

There are many sizes for suitcases and you might be tempted to get a really large bag to be able to fit everything in you might need to take, and you might also be thinking about all the nice little things you might buy while you’re away. This is perfectly fine, as even the bigger sized suitcases come in lightweight, but keep in mind that anything bigger than 62 inches (linear size, height x width x depth) might be bigger than what you are allowed for checked luggage.

This of course varies depending on the airline you’re flying with and whether you’re flying Economy or Business, etc. Make sure to check what you are allowed, as otherwise you might end up with a fee for excess baggage and these are usually quite expensive.

Hardside vs Softside

Hardside luggage and softside luggage

These are the two choices when it comes to durability and weight. You can now get lightweight hardside suitcases, which are also of very good quality when it comes to durability and protecting contents. Softside suitcases though are more flexible when it comes to packing and you cannot beat them when it comes to finding the lightest suitcase.

I have covered the Hardside vs Softside question a bit more in depth  HERE, where you’ll find more about the pros and cons for each.

Spinner vs Roller

As I mentioned above, most suitcases now come with wheels, and mostly they’re spinners, which means they have four wheels. They are made to be just easily maneuvered through the airport and especially with bigger sized bags that is definitely something you should consider. You don’t really want to lift and carry a big bag, so make it easy for yourself and get a spinner.

Roller luggage wheels
Sturdy Roller Wheels

Rollers have two wheels and in my opinion they are a bit easier to drag around in a city where you have to get it up onto a sidewalk or have to walk on cobblestones. Also, they don’t roll away if there is a bit of a slope.

You don’t really want the biggest and heaviest of those though, as you might have to drag them along a bit, and they might take a bit more effort in that than a spinner. So depending on where you’re planning on going, go for a roller.

If you want to find more about the pros and cons of each, I have explained it a bit more HERE.

Weight and Comfort

As I already mentioned when talking about Hardside vs Softside, there are different weight options which will affect how much more you can pack into your suitcase before reaching the baggage weight limit. Please make sure to check the weight limit with your airline, as you don’t want any unwanted surprises there.

When talking about weight you also want to consider that you might have to lift the suitcase at some point, so don’t go overboard. Make sure it has good durable handles and also that the extendable handle can be adjusted to your own height. Your back will thank you for it.

Quality and Durability

The choice of suitcase might depend on whether you’re going on a business trip or on a holiday. But you don’t really want to show up to a nice hotel with a cheap suitcase that has not survived the first part of the flight, neither do you want to be seen by your business partners with this atrocity.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a suitcase that is too cheap, as there are probably going to be parts that will not be as durable and will be of less quality than when you are investing a bit more money. This choice depends on whether you want the bag to last for only a short time and don’t mind having to buy a new one again soon (sometimes sooner than you think), or whether you want something of better quality that will withstand many business trips or holidays to come.


Again it depends on the purpose of your travel; if you are a business person, you might just want to go for the classic look, but if you’re going on a holiday you might want something bright and colourful. Bright colours will also make it easier to spot your luggage in between the masses of black or dark blue coloured bags when collecting it from the conveyor belt.

There are many beautiful designs out there and there is definitely something for everyone.

Kids luggage
Cute Luggage for Kids

If you are not a fan of colours though, you might just want to add a ribbon or something small to the handle to find your luggage much quicker.

If you are traveling with kids and they have their own little suitcase (probably a carry-on size), you might even want to go for one of the very cute designs that are available now.

Another choice for kids would be a ride-on suitcase, which most of them love. It makes it easier for parents as they can just pull the suitcase alongside them.

Read up on the best luggage options for kids.

Safe and fun travels!



4 Replies to “What Is The Best Suitcase? 5 Points To Consider”

  1. Shopping for a suitcase is something that needs to be done very carefully.

    My family is a party of 5 so we need at least 5 suitcases and 5 carry-ons. We rather buy durable ones so that we don’t need to purchase new ones all the time.

    That’s why we’d rather choose suitcases that match every situation: my husband’s business trips, our family vacations, or our kids’ school trips. We just say “no” to bright and colorful ones.

    As to durability, we like hard side better. And we’re very satisfied with ours. Although we’ve had a couple situations when the airlines’ staff damaged our suitcases. No problem though, we got a refund and everything was sorted out.

    Thanks for a very informative article. I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Thanks for your message. 

      You are so right. It’s so important to shop around and find the perfect solution to avoid extra cost later on, especially when you’re buying for 5 people. That adds up quickly. 

      Glad you found something that’s perfect for you 🙂

  2. Hello Petra
    I must say you have penned down an amazing article, a lot of us don’t think about some of the important aspects while buying a suitcase. I am studying abroad and frequently travel back home and forth. Shopping for suitcase is a difficult task for me as I have to think about lots of stuff but for me, durability is most important.
    Your article really helped me in understanding the difference between a roller and spinner, next time I will keep in mind to go for a roller. Talking about the hardside vs softside, which one you suggest? I always have difficulty in making a decision over this.
    Thanks for sharing this, I really loved reading it.

    1. Hi Chloe,

      In deciding whether to go for hard or softside, maybe just have a look for a suitcase that is extendable, as I can imagine that the weight of your luggage differs when going home or back to study. Some of the newer suitcases come in something in between soft and hard, which offers a bit more protection than just the softside itself, but is also not as sensitive to dents and scratches as a hardside. Hope that helps.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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